Apr 11, 2014

Farmers fight against CSG while their lobby undermines a review

The famers' lobby has been undermining a review of chemicals used in coal seam gas extraction, according to a report today. Where did this leave farmers' fight against mining?

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

Sorry, but the hypocrisy here is outrageous. For years now we have been having a fierce debate about the possible impact on the watertable — and ultimately, human health – of chemicals used in fracking for coal seam gas. You’ve heard the concerns we risk “poisoning the food bowl”. Fair enough. Itis worrying.

Now, via an excellent report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, we find that – just quietly – NSW Farmers have been trying to undermine a review of the chemicals used in agriculture, particularly some which are already banned in Europe and the United States.

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6 thoughts on “Farmers fight against CSG while their lobby undermines a review

  1. Rofl Gate

    Can anyone explain what “grandfathered” means in this context?

  2. Graeski

    Rofl Gate – I suspect it means “put in the too-hard/too-expensive basket”.

  3. The_roth

    Vested interests only concerned about their vested interests who would have thunk it?

  4. Raaraa

    verbN. AMER.informal
    past tense: grandfathered; past participle: grandfathered
    exempt (someone or something) from a new law or regulation.
    “smokers who worked here before the ban have been grandfathered”
    synonyms: exempt, excuse, make an exception of/for, give/grant immunity to, let

  5. Ken Dally

    Fracking idiots. This type of short sighted self serving bullshit pissed me off when I was in the horticulture industry and my attitude hasn’t changed.

    These fools are ignoring the fact that it’s they and their families who are the most severely affected with unexplained allergies, lethargy, cancer, possible birth deformities etc as farmers get far higher exposure than anyone else. Add to that that some of these chemicals are banned because they kill pollinator insects which will result in lower yields.

    Rather than getting rid of re-testing it should be greatly expanded with independent public funded research at arms length to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Instead both sides of politics have cut funds to CSIRO and state agricultural bodies which used to monitor testing rather than rely on results submitted by the chemical companies. Once tighter controls are in place the next step is to test all imported food to make sure it is of the same standard as locally produced food and reject it if it isn’t.

  6. MJPC

    Thank you for a simple and comprehensive review of what fracking means; an environmental disaster in the making. As for the use of farm chemicals, th old self interest raises it’s head with both chemicals and CSG. The farmers, our, self proclaimed, stewards of the environment can;t have it both ways, either bost processes damage the environment or don’t and I would believe any assessment of Choice way over what a farming lobby, or this government, maintains is the truth.
    To use an analogy they would understand “what you sow you also reap!”

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