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Apr 10, 2014

The Sandpit: caption competition

Who's texting Rupert Murdoch? We've no idea, but we can always have a stab at it ...

What does the text to Rupert say and who’s it from …?

*Can you do better? Read the suggestions from Crikey readers — and add your own — in the comments. We’ll award a prize to our favourite …

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41 thoughts on “The Sandpit: caption competition

  1. Mark M

    Hi Rupert, Tony here. Did you know that in Asia they have… like.. a different word for everything!

  2. McIntyre Dan

    You know you said not to worry about the hacking- well…

  3. Aaron F

    Wendy says ‘hi’. Regards, Tony.

  4. Oscar Gajardo

    Hi Rupert, its the Devil, meet you at the crossroads I want my soul back pls

  5. Aaron F

    Thanks for bailing me out of 10. Now, what line are we taking on handouts for the poor (takers) these days? Lach

  6. Aaron F

    As you always say, poor people need to learn to stand on their own two feet. Hand ups not handouts. PS. Thanks for the new job, 10 was killing me. Still, not as bad as OneTel. Lach

  7. Aaron F

    Ok ok, we’ll let you take over NBN Co so you can monopolise the internet AND pay TV, but only if your coverage of the next election is as good as your last. Malcolm. PS We never had this conversation.

  8. Aaron F

    Rupes. Need you to run stories on how killing Medicare and selling Medibank will be good for competition and premiums. Whatever you do, don’t draw people’s attention to health care costs in the US. Tony A.

  9. shields paul

    How does Sir Rupert of Paywall sound? T.A.

  10. pseudomys

    Hi Rupert – soz but no knighthood w/out Aus citizenship. Best, Tony.

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