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Apr 10, 2014

The Sandpit: caption competition

Who's texting Rupert Murdoch? We've no idea, but we can always have a stab at it ...


What does the text to Rupert say and who’s it from …?

*Can you do better? Read the suggestions from Crikey readers — and add your own — in the comments. We’ll award a prize to our favourite …


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41 thoughts on “The Sandpit: caption competition

  1. Mark M

    Hi Rupert, Tony here. Did you know that in Asia they have… like.. a different word for everything!

  2. McIntyre Dan

    You know you said not to worry about the hacking- well…

  3. Aaron F

    Wendy says ‘hi’. Regards, Tony.

  4. Oscar Gajardo

    Hi Rupert, its the Devil, meet you at the crossroads I want my soul back pls

  5. Aaron F

    Thanks for bailing me out of 10. Now, what line are we taking on handouts for the poor (takers) these days? Lach

  6. Aaron F

    As you always say, poor people need to learn to stand on their own two feet. Hand ups not handouts. PS. Thanks for the new job, 10 was killing me. Still, not as bad as OneTel. Lach

  7. Aaron F

    Ok ok, we’ll let you take over NBN Co so you can monopolise the internet AND pay TV, but only if your coverage of the next election is as good as your last. Malcolm. PS We never had this conversation.

  8. Aaron F

    Rupes. Need you to run stories on how killing Medicare and selling Medibank will be good for competition and premiums. Whatever you do, don’t draw people’s attention to health care costs in the US. Tony A.

  9. shields paul

    How does Sir Rupert of Paywall sound? T.A.

  10. pseudomys

    Hi Rupert – soz but no knighthood w/out Aus citizenship. Best, Tony.

  11. pseudomys

    Rupert – I’m almost through the list the IPA gave me. Awaiting further instruction… Tony

  12. pseudomys

    Rupes – pro-Abbott editorial needed in the Oz – stat. Best, Peta

  13. DaveF

    Hi RM, just found out it’s so fucking easy to hack in to peoples voicemails. Should hear the personal and distressing stuff we’re going to print. Had to pay the old bill a huge whack, but well worth it. Best part, no one knows it’s us. Cheers Rebekah 🙂

  14. Rebecca Wickham

    Bastard. Rebecca B.

  15. David Hardie

    Rupert, this is your new password for your voice mail

  16. Lingo

    Getting married again. Can you send 60K for dress, 100K for flowers, one mill for reception. I’ll pay for booze and canapés. You and the boys not invited, sorry. Wendi xox

  17. zut alors

    Great to be on board. There’s nothing going on that I should know about, is there? Lachlan

  18. Bretto

    Thanks Dad . . . What do I do now? – Tony.

  19. Jack Stepney

    It’s now been five minutes and the Oz website still hasn’t loaded. What do I do now? Lach.

  20. klewso

    Congratulations – U been Denged!

  21. Kirsten Garrett

    This shows tony had someone hack your phone and Wendi knew about it

  22. kanooka

    Rupert, I have not heard if you’ll accept that Knighthood yet, please advise earliest. Her majesty is anxious to get us done this year.

  23. klewso

    Congratulations. UB Denged.

  24. densley kay

    Rupert, dont you own twitter? Everyone is making fun of me at #abbottmh370 Do something! Love Tony

  25. dodd jim

    now, just point this at the country…. and the government will change

  26. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    ..and this is where you download Game of Thrones..

  27. Senator Dingdong

    ‘Look Rupes I’m telling you, you can’t hack Candy Crush’

  28. graybul

    “Know you think pencils more secure . . but seriously Rupert, this can erase instantaneously. Tony ‘A’!

  29. graybul

    Yes scoop Rupert. On ‘Highest Authority’ possible . . know location of MH370 – Pell!

  30. AR

    “Now you are only getting this because you can’t tweet on it.”

  31. monty

    Hi Rupert, please enjoy the iphone cover free with your Crikey subscription. By the way, we don’t really hate you that much. LOL.

  32. gitte heij

    And thats how we hack a phone

  33. Robu

    That line about “Everyone will have to bear the load”. With the obvious exceptions of course.

  34. klewso

    You don’t need a machete to hack a phone.

  35. cassandra.richardson

    EXCLUSIVE – Taliban moves headquarters to bottom of Indian Ocean – tomorrow’s headline in the Oz? Cheers, Chris M.

  36. drovers cat

    No, they don’t come with a ‘smite’ button

  37. drovers cat

    … I know my comment above doesn’t apply to the text – but maybe you need a second contest for what the flunky is saying to/asking Rupert

  38. Annie Davie

    Dad, does the phone-hacking account come under R&D or Security? I can never remember. Lachie

  39. Venise Alstergren

    WENDI to RUPERT: “I forgot to tell you; I’m pregnant again-it’s a boy!”

  40. Johansen Frank

    Thanks Rupert..What do you want me to do now?- Tony

  41. smash

    Dad, this is called an “I-phone”… its the way of the future.. apparently

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