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Apr 7, 2014

Crikey says: how Labor lost the West

What did Western Australia tell Canberra on Saturday? Bernard Keane and William Bowe on the Senate re-race. Plus elections in India and Afghanistan, an uncertain logistical nightmare. Did the Australia Network spruce up for Tony Abbott? Crikey is on the gas (battle)fields in NSW. Philip Nitschke's new legal fight. And all the online advertising Hoopla.

Ah, Labor Party infighting. You missed it, didn’t you? After a disastrous WA Senate re-election result over the weekend, outgoing ALP red-bencher Mark Bishop took a swing at just about everything on ABC Radio’s AM this morning, from the mining and carbon tax to industry policy. Here’s part of the spray:


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2 thoughts on “Crikey says: how Labor lost the West

  1. CML

    And so, you are predicting the end of the Labor Party as we know it, when currently most of the polls have Labor between 51 – 54.5% over the past month?
    I’d be more worried about the rAbbott and his motley crew if I were you. But then again, it’s easier and more effective to slam Labor, isn’t it?????
    Are you all applying for jobs at Ltd.News? If so, that should suit the lot of you very well!!!!

  2. CML

    Moderated – of course!
    Can’t say anything bad about Crikey, can we???
    I won’t be renewing my subscription in a couple of months time.

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