Apr 4, 2014

Philip Nitschke: no good deed goes unpunished as hospital turns on me

Exit International director Dr Philip Nitschke gave a guest lecture at a hospital as a favour. Now the head of the department at the hospital is trying to get his medical licence revoked.

Imagine this: you are visiting from interstate on other matters. Your “colleagues” (you have never met these people but it could be said that you share similar professional interests) hear of your visit and invite you to give up your time for free to present a breakfast talk to a closed meeting at their place of work. They say they have a “poor understanding” of your area of work and would like to learn more. Can you help them out?

You think this is a reasonable and a not uncommon situation, so you agree. You get up early, give what you think is an interesting presentation, engage in an active Q&A session, get thanked by the organiser for making the effort and contributing your time and goodwill to foster greater understanding and intellectual debate within their department. You think that is that.

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14 thoughts on “Philip Nitschke: no good deed goes unpunished as hospital turns on me

  1. stephen Matthews

    I can well understand the trials and tribulations that accompany another episode of having to defend yourself Philip.
    And when it comes from inside the tent ..rather galling I am sure.It must rob you of the requisite spirit to fight on.
    I recall how defensive you were when I approached you to shake your hand and wish you the best .It was the look of the rabbit startled in the headlights .
    Maybe you need a good QC to help you this time . Why not start a defence fund at
    Maybe a kickstarter campaign is needed.
    I will gladly contribute.

  2. leon knight

    Keep up the good fight Dr Nitschke, there are lots of people like me in the wider community who are prepared to chip in crowd-funding to defend you if needed against (a) religious busy-bodies and (b) rich medicos defending their money-making turf….

  3. rhwombat

    Ah. Western Australian hospitality. Having discussed Schutze’s behaviour with several of our colleagues in WA, I think his future professional life in the public sector will be interesting. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    I wonder if Dr Schutze actually attended the ‘talk’ and also what the other people present at the function think about the Head of Department’s action?

  5. gmedley

    Congratulations must go to Dr Mark Schutze for standing up to what this man has been doing all these years. He failed in the NT in 1996 and has been a failure ever since.

  6. graybul

    You’ve chosen a challenging path for your life work Phillip . . I and many friends thank you for the strength of your advocacy. The enforced hypocrisy smothering practice of caring for those who seek nothing other than to “pass” with dignity, is an affront!!

  7. john ince

    mark schultze ,of the closed mind,let him live his life to his standards and let others live to theirs.

  8. zut alors

    Your worthwhile struggle continues, Dr Nitschke. I second the first two posts – let us know if we can contribute to your cause. You have plenty supporters although some days it may not feel like it.

    I’m confident that when the palliative care bill explodes for Baby Boomers our government may eventually look for means to seriously trim the health budget. Giving people the opportunity to opt out of living won’t cost the public purse a thing – quite the contrary, there will be extra funds available for more productive areas of health &/or research.

  9. Daly

    I thank you Philip for your work and strength in pursuing it. Start the crowd funding, there are lots of us who would be happy to support you against those who want to impose their views on the rest of us.

  10. amy robinsons

    ditto daly

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