Apr 3, 2014

Want to own a sports team? Tinkler and the ‘narcissistic’ ownership model

Nathan Tinkler's ownership of the Newcastle Knights NRL club shows the risk to fans in private ownership. Crikey examines the richies playing ball and the cost when it all goes wrong.

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

The failure of Nathan Tinkler’s privatisation of the Newcastle Knights, and uncertainty over the fate of his soccer team the Newcastle Jets, adds weight to calls for an alternative to the “narcissistic” model of private ownership, which can leave beloved football clubs hostage to the whim and fortune of wealthy individuals.


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2 thoughts on “Want to own a sports team? Tinkler and the ‘narcissistic’ ownership model

  1. Graeski

    Am I the only one who finds the thought of an individual “owning” an entire sporting team slightly morally offensive? It’s one aspect of American culture that I wish had never blighted our shores. Or maybe I’m just old-fashioned and out of touch. It’s not about sport, anymore, is it? It’s about making money …

  2. Kevin Herbert

    The NRL team ownership model is a poor joke.

    The NRL should have a look at how the AFL runs its competition & team ownership..and weep.

    The gap between these two sector leaders is widening year by year.

    Within 10-12 years, soccer will overtake NRL as the nation’s second football competition.

    Rugby league suffers from the grim reality that it’s a game player by meat heads…for boofheads.

    By then rugby union will be a park game.

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