Apr 3, 2014

Talk is cheap: Abbott’s Asia trip missing the real opportunities?

Tony Abbott will get some valuable face time with prime ministers in China, but his entourage's insistence on sticking with him instead of meeting with Chinese business means the trip's real potential value could be lost.

Michael Sainsbury — Freelance correspondent in Asia and <em>Little Red Blog</em> Editor

Michael Sainsbury

Freelance correspondent in Asia and Little Red Blog Editor

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has firmly cast his trip to North Asia to be all about trade and investment. There has been much focus on free trade agreements with South Korea, Japan and China, Abbott’s destinations this trip. But for all the hype the real value, business-to-business deals, seem to have been lost in translation.

The PM’s travelling party of chief executives is heavy with vested interests, yet they will spend most of their limited time on the ground with Abbott, not the Chinese.

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2 thoughts on “Talk is cheap: Abbott’s Asia trip missing the real opportunities?

  1. bushby jane

    Hope that Mark Vaille is not able to stick his oar in with our FTA, wasn’t he the bloke who stuffed up the US FTA?

  2. AR

    I wonder if this gaggle of the grating good all travel on the same plane? To get into the PM’s jug-ears without pesky journos. doing what they once lived for – reporting what the powerful don’t want… ah, such halcyon daze.
    One well aimed Stinger would solve so many of our problems in this country and possibly get across Napoleon’s maxim “.. pour encourage es autres”.
    Or do they travel separately like the Royals to avoid too many heirs & spares being lost to an incident?

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