Caro’s Flotsam and Jetsam: the privileged and the bigoted

Abbott's brought back knighthoods, which is apt given he has a very mediaeval attitude towards the climate, asylum seekers and education.

Jane Caro

Novelist, author and social commentator

Arise, sons of privilege. Just when you think things simply cannot get any crazier, they do. I thought our right to be bigots was just about as wild as things were going to get, but how wrong can a girl (maybe more of a dame) be? Now four Aussies a year will become knights and/or dames if considered sufficiently worthy by our esteemed (if somewhat unpredictable) Prime Minister. I guess it just goes to show that while you can take the boy out of the UK (as Tony Abbott’s mum and dad did in 1959), you can’t take the UK out of the boy — or the 1950s, for that matter.

To be honest with you, I have rather enjoyed these recent mediaeval shenanigans. Sometimes to stop yourself crying you really do have to laugh, and people have been having an absolute field day of hilarity in response to Abbott’s imperial proclamation. You can choose your own tweet of the week from this cornucopia of witty offerings collated by BuzzFeed. My personal favourite is number 18. Some of the more po-faced among us have been complaining mightily about “cheap shots” like these, but frankly, what do they and Abbott expect?

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3 thoughts on “Caro’s Flotsam and Jetsam: the privileged and the bigoted

  1. stephen Matthews

    Dennis Atkins comments about Bronwyn Bishop’s transparent bias ring true.
    I have been to one only Liberal Party end of year XMAS party for the faithful ( one of whom is known to me ) of one Federal member. The guest of honour was BB .She was appropriately late ..which must have caused much neckpain as the faithful looked – with rubbernecks- furiously at the door for an early sight of the heavily coiffed one.
    I wanted to repay the favour to my friend so I had his permission to advise madame Bishop ( then in opposition) that my son – an Army Reservist who had been contemplating offering himself for deployment to Afghanistan – had decided that he could not risk being shot in the back in one of those shameful blue on green attacks then developing in Afghanistan.
    ” what would the Liberal’s attitude to this be ?” I inquired .
    her retort was instantaneous and insulting. ” we dont your son there!” she thundered. ” dont you know this is a fact of life in war happened all the time in the second world war “. said with such pugnacious authority that one could have expected she was speaking from her own experience there .
    BB is an ugly individual, that face heavily made over face disguising a brutishness seldom found in a female .
    Labor need an attack dog to take her down…preferably from behind.

  2. Interrobanging On

    Congrats, this is a really good digest…

    I agree about the need to laugh sometimes rather than cry all the time about Abbott and his mouldy, dangerous lot.

  3. MJPC

    As always excellent. The question I have how are they going to get the quota of sirs and dames in a given year? Oz doesn’t change GG’s every year.
    The sad year will be the one where some sportsman receives one; it has to happen. The Libs cannot help themselves choosing some populist to move the media focus on some stuff up of theirs.
    As with the Australian of the Year, so it will be with this farce.

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