Tips and rumours

Mar 31, 2014

Tips and rumours

A thousand jobs to go at Leighton? ... senior cabin staff are walking from Qantas ... Sports Party sticking with sexist Facebook gag ...

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours …

Axe to fall at Leighton? We received this Spanish-flavoured tip about job losses at construction giant Leighton:

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8 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. Coaltopia

    The Sports Party’s really stood in some kangaroo poo now hasn’t it?

  2. Deipnosoph

    I detest leaf blowers. I’d even support a hike in petrol prices to make their use uneconomic. It’s going to happen someday anyway. (But then I guess there will be renewable energy-powered battery leaf blowers by then, and my main opposition will be the noise).

    I think that, at least in Hyde Park Sydney, the many leaves plus rain equals slippery pathways, and hence large potential public liability. I still think that sweeping is in order.

  3. stuart richardson

    Re: Leaf blowers. In the cold light of day, is there even ONE logical reason to use one of these abominations? Petition! a great idea, we could be the first developed nation to show that we are smarter than the marketing geniuses, post the “Great Hoodwinking”.
    Reasons not to use a leaf blower: They don’t actually accomplish the task they are designed for? They just move a perceived problem from one location to another, a couple of meters away.
    The investment of time and energy (when not combined with collection of said leaves, as is most often the case) compared to outcome, read: leaf free real estate, is disproportionate
    in the extreme.
    They are robbing the user of health giving exercise.
    They are burning fossil fuels.
    They are antisocial.
    I spoke to a council worker who started to blow by my morning coffee shop, he saw reason and took up the ancient art of broom pushing. Win Win.

  4. Dylan

    Leafblowers are a wonderful example of the intersection between technology and annoyance that has a compelling economic benefit.

    Perhaps the reporter from The Australian could take issue with his local council and have them banned? Unfortunately this would seem a little too much like nanny state interventionism though, and I agree it’s better to leave technology free to do what it needs to, rather than let some pesky “government” do something to improve the quality of life for its voters.

  5. Michael Hutchison

    Leaf blowers – aka dust raisers – are, incredibly, taking on the broom; but at what cost? Environmentally they must be on top of the bad list and socially seem to – anti-socially – move one’s problem to one’s neighbour’s problem. Please bring back the leaf burn with its lovely autumn ambience and mildly intoxicating aromas.

  6. Matt Hardin

    I’m against the leaf blowers in principle and would sign the petition but I did use one once and it was kinda fun.

  7. Chris Hartwell

    … Couldn’t they just use a leaf-vacuum instead?

  8. Peter McArdle

    Leaf-blowers – “how’s the serenity?”.
    So a couple of journos don’t like leaf blowers disturbing their contemplation of serious matters. Would they prefer teams of serfs with (very quiet) brooms or the leaf blower at another time when they are not around (how is 2am fellas?).
    I don’t like noisy traffic or jet aircraft overhead but they are part of the modern world in which we live, as are leaf blowers. Suck it up fellas, it is the 21st century.

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