Mar 28, 2014

Tony ‘moral and correct’ Shepherd’s parting shot from BCA

Tony Shepherd has left the Business Council demanding Labor "be held to account" for its fiscal decisions. Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer wonder which decision those might be.

Well, the outgoing head of the Business Council of Australia, Tony Shepherd, just couldn’t help himself. After studiously avoiding any partisanship during his tenure at the BCA, at the handover last night to the new council head, Catherine Livingstone, Shepherd finally unveiled his true political colours, declaring that Labor needed to be “held to account” for its fiscal decisions and declaring that the Business Council had adopted the “moral and correct” stand on the budget compared to that of Labor.


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9 thoughts on “Tony ‘moral and correct’ Shepherd’s parting shot from BCA

  1. paddy

    LOL Perhaps Shepherd fancies himself as Tony’s first “Business Knight”.

  2. klewso

    Maybe he just wants a job with “Abbott Inc.*”?


  3. RogerDty

    Typical dinosaur mercantilist.
    Adam Smith demolished this kind of thinking before the first fleet.

    Can’t wait to see his audit!

  4. Bill Hilliger

    He wants the position as chief under-achiever in charge of the rAbbott mediocrity inc.

  5. Brendan Kay

    Just renewed my sub after a couple of months out in the cold.
    “Mea culpa” (please note George P) grateful to rejoin the fold.
    “Love your work”!

  6. R. Ambrose Raven

    BCA president Tony Shepherd once said “Philosophically, I object to the term ‘concessions’. The money is ours. We go to work, we get paid. The money is ours. It’s up to government to justify how much they take from us. It’s not theirs, it’s our money. It’s not a concession, it’s our money.”

    He chose to overlook the ease with which senior executive can plunder their companies, urged on by their peers waiting in turn to do likewise. He himself would be an excellent example, or we could invoke Arfur Sinodinos.

  7. john willoughby

    Andrew Robb with a mustache and a slightly more positive outlook…

  8. Tyger Tyger

    Just how objective is this bloke? In his new guise as ASTRA chairman he’s already labelled TV’s anti-siphoning rules “Stalinistic and ridiculous” (Age Green Guide, 20/3/14.) Hyperbole, anyone?
    Must write him and ask what he thinks of me having to pay $49 a month for 42 channels I don’t want (the “Essentials” – very Uncle Joe that) in order to get Foxtel’s sport package. I’m sure he’ll get right on to it.

  9. JennyWren

    “…then chair of CSIRO, the country’s premier research organisation now being gutted by the fiscal stringency of the Gillard government (will Shepherd hold them to account for that?)”
    Don’t you mean the Abbott Govt?

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