Mar 28, 2014

The Sandpit: Casey Bennetto in song

What does it take to be a Modern Man? Singer-songwriter-funny-bugger Casey Bennetto enters the Crikey Sandpit to lay down a tune on the week in politics ...

The modern world is a confusing and contradictory place, and never more so than in engaging with the essence, the stuff, the very marrow of our intellectual existence: the quest to better oneself. For songwriter Casey Bennetto, an important piece fell into place this week. Recorded yesterday for Crikey, here's his reflection on what it takes to be a Modern Man ... [podcast][/podcast] *Casey Bennetto is most well-known as the writer of Keating!, but is also responsible for the songs in The Terminativity -- a Christmas pantomime cross between the greatest story ever told and the Nativity. He's scored several television shows and is currently up to his neck in Eurovision entries.

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7 thoughts on “The Sandpit: Casey Bennetto in song

  1. ernmalleyscat

    Courageous move. Definitely room for musical satire here, but not sure if that hits the top note. A bit MOR in all respects.

  2. paddy

    Hmm…A week’s digging in the sandpit has not yet struck gold.
    Still, keep digging.
    As EMC says, courageous.

  3. Crispy

    I am reminded of Friday Night Funnyman Eliot Rhodes. ‘Heh heh he’s done it again.’

    Big paw prints to follow in though. Onwards, Crikey.

  4. zut alors

    Is it only one week since we’ve been Dogless?

  5. Andybob

    Welcome Casey, long time listener to Superfluity on RRR (once rising to the honour of selecting a start off track !).

    Rest assured emc that the yacht-rock MOR groove is a satirical vehicle and not indicative of Casey’s prodigiously catholic musical tastes. Next time it could be rap, soul, punk, bossa-nova or madrigal. Personally I’d like to throw out a request for Bill Shorten doing shoegaze.

    And spot on Crispy. I loved Eliot Rhodes, and even more so Mike Moore’s insincere accolades. Supposedly based on Ray Martin never ‘getting’ Clarke and Dawe.

  6. poppy41

    Luv Ya Casey….
    Would have loved some visuals with it though 🙂

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