Mar 28, 2014

Follow Friday: @nils_gilman, prognosticating the paradox of the future

Nils Gilman is a futurist, pessimist and just about the smartest person you could follow on Twitter. He takes on banks, the GFC, social inequality, and where we as a species are heading.

Matthew Clayfield

Journalist, critic, screenwriter and playwright

It is difficult to sum up anyone in a sentence. With Nils Gilman (@nils_gilman), you’d be struggling with five.


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2 thoughts on “Follow Friday: @nils_gilman, prognosticating the paradox of the future

  1. Malcolm Harrison

    the current obsession with economic rationalism indicates that of the three options Gilman offers, he is right to fear that we will abandon the economically disadvantaged to their fate if things get nasty climatically speaking. it is a common theme of economists and by an large they seem to align behind this proposition. it is of course inherent within economic rationalism that the economically advantaged will seek, and should seek the optimum economic outcome available. so gilman needs to start transforming these doctrines which pervade everywhere, although they have ben with us in these narrow forms for only a few decades, if he desires a different outcome. m.

  2. AR

    This article is precisely why I subscribe – telling me something (a) I don’t know, (b) need to know and (c) want to know. Well done.

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