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Mar 27, 2014

Crikey says: dynasties that just won’t crumble

Shuffling the deck chairs of the SS Murdoch: Stephen Mayne and Paddy Manning on what it means. What Tony Abbott faces in Asia. Russia and the new tri-polar world. How arts companies are handling the Transfield fallout. Should public transport be free? And Helen Razer is depressed about depression.

Of all the royal families still peddling their wares around the world, two dominate the Anglosphere: the House of Windsor and the House of Murdoch. This week, both flexed their muscle in ways that seem both antiquated and, frankly, alarming. It was Prime Minister Tony Abbott summoning monarchical ghosts to revive an elite honours class even John Howard thinks is "anachronistic". And after reinstating the baubles of one empire, he turned today to publicly acclaim the court movements of another, more powerful, one: News Corporation. "It's a very significant role for a very capable person," Abbott said this morning of Lachlan Murdoch's promotion in the halls of Murdoch, elevated by dad Rupert to co-chair of perhaps the most influential company in the world. As Stephen Mayne writes today, it's a move that only entrenches the power of the Murdochs at News. Just like the monarchy, it's fundamentally against the interests of democracy and the egalitarianism Australians are supposed to champion. And both empires show no signs of crumbling.

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2 thoughts on “Crikey says: dynasties that just won’t crumble

  1. klewso

    Just what Rupert needs – look what he did for One.Tel and TEN?

  2. AR

    I guess it had to be the idiot son rather the already rotting cold fish we saw babbling amerikan bizspeek.
    Elizabeth, the only one to have shown ability to go it alone? Nahh, got ovaries so not eligible.

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