Mar 25, 2014

Hopes sink: vital clues about flight MH370 could be lost forever

Even if the voice recorder and "black box" are found, they would only provide sketchy details about what happened to the doomed Malaysian Airlines flight.

Ben Sandilands ā€” Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

With vital clues held by any floating debris from the crashed Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 being churned up by a monster storm in the southern Indian Ocean off Perth today, and renewed hints about criminal actions on board flight MH370, the truth about this air disaster remains as elusive as ever.

The government of Malaysia says it will hold a briefing today and include an update on the police investigation of all 239 people who were on board. The investigation was seeking evidence of terrorist links, criminal records, relationship problems and any records of mental or psychological disorders.

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3 thoughts on “Hopes sink: vital clues about flight MH370 could be lost forever

  1. Karen

    Systematic disabling of communications and two left turns back into the Indian Ocean for 7 hours seem to point towards deliberate misadventure. Further background checks are needed for all on board the flight.

  2. AR

    Would it be too much off topic to allude to the global surveillance by nations, commerce & unnamed entities?
    The equivalence with CCTV on streets is raised when something untoward occurs – then the total ubiquity is deemed to be for the common weal.
    What fascinates me is what do Mr & Mrs Pooter imagine is being done the rest of the time?
    Last year in NSW rego. labels were abolished because numberplate recognition is now perfected – what else is it being used for? Charge-per-kms obviously despite denials by State & Fed govs, but what that is only the tip of a very ugly iceberg which may yet sink our Ship of Democracy.

  3. ian kemp

    Ben I can only say thank you for an excellent article I and I’m sure many others really appreciate your forensic attitude to the information that’s available here. More power to your keyboard šŸ™‚

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