Mar 24, 2014

The Sandpit: a new space for Crikey to play

Dog gone, it's time to try something new. The Sandpit is a new space for Crikey to play -- stay tuned for some of your favourite cartoonists and something a bit different ...

Upon his departure, First Dog on the Moon kindly instructed all aspiring cartoonists to send our editor-in-chief their portfolios ...

While @HappySinger’s masterpiece was a clear standout, we’ll venture to suggest that perhaps we can do better. Or more precisely, you can. From tomorrow, Crikey will kick off with The Sandpit. This (experimental) space will be our designated play area for the next little while, devoted to all things satire. That includes work from some more established types, artists and funny folk you know, plus some names you’ve never heard of. But this item isn’t limited to just JPGs. We want to run a whole bunch of stuff, and we’re particularly interested in material that plays around with the online medium. It will be all about the mix, whether that’s a cartoon/Photoshop number/GIF/written word/Vine/video/something completely indefinable. The next bit is up to you: we need you to tell us what you think. Crikey has a proud and gory history of blooding new talent, so this will be no place for hurt feelings. If you hate it, tell us. If you love it, get lippy. If you have ideas on who should contribute, let us know. We’re throwing stuff at the wall and we’ll see what sticks. We’ve got a list of names lined up for this new project, but consider this a callout too. If you haven’t done so already (and our inbox is quite crammed with some enterprising types already), mail us at [email protected] with "The Sandpit" in the subject line. Watch this space.

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9 thoughts on “The Sandpit: a new space for Crikey to play

  1. paddy

    I trust Crikey will be *paying* for these “castles in the sandpit”?
    *sharpens pencils & starts hunting for images to steal from Google*.

  2. JamesH

    Please consider, before loading up the videos and “material that plays around with the online medium”, that many of us are behind corporate firewalls which forbid youtube, file-sharing sites, downloading strange java applets, etc.

  3. PDGFD1

    Mmm.. take your point Paddy… and, excellent to ‘see’ you’re still here.

    EMC, Zut, Andyb, DrM, Stewie et al…. pack leader has moved on to other (more drunken) things… marsupialist dogonaughts awake!

  4. zut alors

    Call me old fashioned (“you’re old fashioned!”) but I’d prefer a traditional cartoonist. Although I understand Crikey will find it nigh impossible to source such genius as that of First Dog.

    The thought of watching someone’s idea of laughs play out on youtube here has nil appeal, shades of Australia’s Funniest Videos, erk.

    There must be cartoonists living in penury & needing a break, surely?

  5. paddy

    I’m with Zut. My twitter feed is awash with brilliant cartoonists. Just get out there and steal one Crikey.

    P.S I hear Larry Pickering is free.
    *Ducking & running*

  6. ernmalleyscat

    This could be ok. I was just thinking that First Dog being so irreplaceable could lead to other ideas even we haven’t thought of. People like @DeptOfAustralia on twitter are doing good things.
    Best of luck with the blooding of new talent.

  7. fractious

    I’m with zut, I think an “in-house” cartoonist has a lot of merit, and while I don’t doubt there’s a lot talent out there online, sharing it here seems to me to be simply duplicating what bookfarce and the like already do. OTOH if the idea is for this sand-pit to be a sort of stop-gap until a suitable cartoonist is house-trained, then by all means fill your boots.

    @Paddy & emc, like every dog who I’ve lived with, there is only one First Dog, and no-one will ever replace him. But I agree there is talent out there, though it may not necessarily be as political – one of my favourites was Graham Rawle of Lost Consonants fame (he had a regular gig with the Grauniad some years back).

  8. AR

    Apart from corporate barriers, also reconsider using video etc – some of us are on very restricted plans & allocations, not to mention speed (thanks for the future, Bullturd!)so if I have to click – I wont.

  9. Hovsabjorn

    Some Judy Horacek cartoons please!

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