Mar 21, 2014


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104 thoughts on “So long and thanks for all the thanks

  1. Andybob

    I’ll sing of a place that appealed to my psyche,
    The Doggonaut lounge on the site they call Crikey,
    First Dog on the Moon drew a daily cartoob
    With swearing, Oz species and comments quite shrewd.

    So long, it’s been good to know yuh;
    So long, it’s been good to know yuh;
    So long, it’s been good to know yuh.
    We’ll miss you FD, it was all sorts of fun
    You’ve got to be driftin’ along.

  2. Brangwyn

    Are you joking!!!!!!! Why weren’t we warned so we could adjust? bad management Crikey, pay him more.

  3. Benjamin

    Dear Mr Onthemoon,
    Thank you: your pieces are one of the most looked-forward-to parts of Crikey; they invariably make my day. Every day.
    What am I going to do now?

  4. First Dog On The Moon


  5. Aphra

    Thanks, good luck, and I’ll miss you.

  6. Steve777

    Thank you and good luck. I’ll catch you in the Guardian.

  7. ianjohnno

    Farewell and thanks, FD.

  8. Kevin & Julie Harris

    Dear FDOM,

    Julie wants to say a few words.


    Kevin: Julie!!!..go on, he’s waiting. Julie!!!!! where are you?


    Kevin: Julie)))))))))!!! where are you? This is no time to get stage struck. This is your big chance to express our appreciation and acknowledgement of his contribution to society.


    Kevin: For fks sake!!! where in the bloody hell are you!!!)))!!!She’s disappeared, vanished.Oh my God where is she?


    Yours Sincerely

    Kevin & Julie Harris

  9. ernmalleyscat

    Such esteemed company to be thanked in. But no, thank you Mr Dog.
    Thanks to the frog who plucked you and snerked to let you know you were good.
    Thanks for the regular actual laugh out louds.
    Thanks for the sad ones too.
    Thanks for genuinely explaining the news.
    Thanks for showing satire is best with a heart.
    Thanks for bringing out the funny in others.
    Ta v much.
    Now go on and show all the others who don’t know yet what you’ve got to give.

  10. Crispy

    Lordy it’s been a hoot, FD. You made me laugh often, and cry bitter tears a few times too. Drysdale didn’t keep painting Ned Kelly all his life, so I guess you might want to leave all those warped/wonderful characters behind now. But I hope not. (Or maybe Beecher owns the copyright. Bastard.)

    See you at the Guardian. Twice a day I assume?

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