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Mar 21, 2014





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104 thoughts on “So long and thanks for all the thanks

  1. Peter Murphy

    Thanks, First Dog. You will be missed.

  2. Gary Charles Corr

    No. Come back already!!

  3. Dez Paul

    Thanks, Dawg. Its been real. I do hope Brenda finds her way into your work at the Guardian. She is special and I do like a lot of gratuitous cussing. Jasper, too, and Mrs Slocombe. You can retire Bucket Head – he actually now has his head up some fundament, in fact many fundaments, just one at a time. He thinks he’s a winner, we know different.

    Enjoy your new north facing kennel. Keep up the good fight.

    Thanks, Crikey, for giving this dog a home and bringing his marvelous musings to a grateful subscriber.

    Thanks, Doganauts, one and all, for the many sniggers, chortles and guffaws you elicited from me. See you at the Guardian.

  4. zut alors

    ‘Onya, Firsty, it’s been a great ride. Time for a finale singalong, Dogonauts….

    The way you swear the cat
    The way you draw Tony
    The memory of all that –
    No, no – they can’t take that away from me.

    The way your ‘toon just beams
    The way you sketch off-key
    The way you shaft regimes
    No, no- they can’t take that away from me.

    No, they can’t take that away from me.

  5. Jonathan Green

    you’re not even a real dog.

  6. paddy

    We did but see him passing by….
    Onya doggie. It’s been a spectacular ride and this cosy little space in the dogonaught lounge has been a truly lovely sanctuary on the Intertubes.

    Meanwhile, the world beyond the paywall is about to get a wonderful surprise.
    Happy cycling.

  7. Plonkoclock

    Stay! Heel!!! I’ll put the leash on again.. *Sigh* Good luck FD, Crikey is but a pale shadow without you.
    PS you missed the poodle in fishnets..

  8. Plonkoclock

    10 out of 10 Zut!

  9. Iworepurpleon3June

    My lunchtimes just got duller.

    Don’t go too far.

  10. Lee W Andresen

    Can’t make up my mind whether to cancel my subscription now – I’ll need to think about that. FDOTM was often the only bit I ever read. Oh well, life goes on. But without the ABC interpretive bandicoot?

  11. drmick

    Ooroo to the Gooroo. Onya Zut. Might see youse at the trustee and public Guardian.

  12. Adele

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Well. Merci beaucoup First Dog and all the best for your future endeavors.

  13. Richard Scott

    That’s a small step for a FDOTM, but a big loss for Crikeykind. FDOTM, you have done an amazing job of bringing humanity, razor-sharp analysis, and marsupials to the political debate.

  14. GLJ

    Its just not on. Get back here. [whistle whistle] Sit Sit you mongrel . Get on your chain & don’t let hear me you barking that “I’M LEAVING SHITE” again. Now here’s your PAL cause its so chunky you can carve it. … Now sit sit SIT I SAID.

  15. Peter_PPVH

    I am looking forward to seeing you in the Weekend Australian…..he he he.

  16. Freja

    We will all be watching the Guardian very closely to see whether they try to bland you down even slightly. And if they do…BAM! in a non-violent and probably figurative way.

    Thank you for the life affirming, soul searching, teenager transforming, laugh-out-loudly brain stimulating empathetic ‘toons. Long may you continue. Otherwise my fridge door is just about to get a whole lot less colourful.

    Thanks some more Firsty, you’re truly a National Treasure and as lovely as it says on the packet.

  17. Frank

    No shout out to Political Correctness and all of his custard? That was pretty much my favourite cartoon of all time.

    Godspeed First Dog.

  18. Andybob

    I’ll sing of a place that appealed to my psyche,
    The Doggonaut lounge on the site they call Crikey,
    First Dog on the Moon drew a daily cartoob
    With swearing, Oz species and comments quite shrewd.

    So long, it’s been good to know yuh;
    So long, it’s been good to know yuh;
    So long, it’s been good to know yuh.
    We’ll miss you FD, it was all sorts of fun
    You’ve got to be driftin’ along.

  19. Brangwyn

    Are you joking!!!!!!! Why weren’t we warned so we could adjust? bad management Crikey, pay him more.

  20. Benjamin

    Dear Mr Onthemoon,
    Thank you: your pieces are one of the most looked-forward-to parts of Crikey; they invariably make my day. Every day.
    What am I going to do now?

  21. First Dog On The Moon


  22. Aphra

    Thanks, good luck, and I’ll miss you.

  23. Steve777

    Thank you and good luck. I’ll catch you in the Guardian.

  24. ianjohnno

    Farewell and thanks, FD.

  25. Kevin & Julie Harris

    Dear FDOM,

    Julie wants to say a few words.


    Kevin: Julie!!!..go on, he’s waiting. Julie!!!!! where are you?


    Kevin: Julie)))))))))!!! where are you? This is no time to get stage struck. This is your big chance to express our appreciation and acknowledgement of his contribution to society.


    Kevin: For fks sake!!! where in the bloody hell are you!!!)))!!!She’s disappeared, vanished.Oh my God where is she?


    Yours Sincerely

    Kevin & Julie Harris

  26. ernmalleyscat

    Such esteemed company to be thanked in. But no, thank you Mr Dog.
    Thanks to the frog who plucked you and snerked to let you know you were good.
    Thanks for the regular actual laugh out louds.
    Thanks for the sad ones too.
    Thanks for genuinely explaining the news.
    Thanks for showing satire is best with a heart.
    Thanks for bringing out the funny in others.
    Ta v much.
    Now go on and show all the others who don’t know yet what you’ve got to give.

  27. Crispy

    Lordy it’s been a hoot, FD. You made me laugh often, and cry bitter tears a few times too. Drysdale didn’t keep painting Ned Kelly all his life, so I guess you might want to leave all those warped/wonderful characters behind now. But I hope not. (Or maybe Beecher owns the copyright. Bastard.)

    See you at the Guardian. Twice a day I assume?

  28. ernmalleyscat

    G’orn git.

  29. Fascinated

    Bloody hell – what do we do now!

    “I did but see him passing by”

  30. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Thanks FD. You have made the last several years almost bearable, and even provided me with my Crikey identity, so I guess I can forgive one little sell-out. If the children ask, I shall tell them you’ve gone to live on a farm.

  31. Anne

    A seven-year daily fix of waiting for the email to see your take on our weirdnesses is no more.
    Great work and great cartoons – looking forward to more at the Guardian.

  32. Katherine Hough

    Oh no! I will miss you hugely. My ABC interpretative dance bandicoot T shirt is fading but not my memories of you, FDOTM!

  33. Spot

    Thanks Firsty and the doggonauts…am I being melodramatic to say I’m utterly bereft. I’ve loved you all mostly quietly from the edges, thankful that there are still people with heart, soul, potty mouths, a biting sense of the absurd and the idea that fairness is something worthwhile. All the best FD and thanks.

  34. klewso

    While there was a Dog on the Moon
    You could right the world thru cartoon.
    Lift your leg, take the piss;
    You know you’ll be missed,
    No more than our eyes, tootle-ooin’.

  35. Julie Harris

    FDOTM, It’s me, Julie.

    Don’t tell Kevin I am here. He won’t know unless you tell him because he only reads his own comments anyway and never anyone elses.

    If he finds out he’ll be livid. You know how insecure and jealous he is, so it’s our little secret..ok?

    I have a confession to make, FD. Can we still see each other? I intend leaving Kevin, that’s right, you heard it from my lips. I am leaving him once and for all and I am coming with you over to the Guard. It’s the Lefty in me and the awesome sense of fairness in you that compels me to follow you.

    We can go for walks in the park together, play with the frisbie, play hide and seek with the shmacko and share a pint together. We can go for coffee and I can tie you up to the chair and have my way with you, no wait!, not that way!..that’s Kevin’s favorite trick with me, so I’ll just nurse you on my lap.

    I am very excited about our future together at the Guard and can’t wait to be with you without Kevin looking over my shoulder barking instructions at me.

    I do love you very much FD and I will always be eternally grateful for your intelligence, diligence, humility, thoughtfulness but most of all, your tolerance of Kevin!!!bwahhaha.

    Until we meet again at the Guard.

    Muchos Amore

    Julie Harris

  36. form1planet

    Thank you Dog for the all chuckles, snorts, tears, guffaws and pangs of uncomfortable self-recognition. Thank you also to the Dog-reading community – sometimes the comments were just as hilarious as the cartoob. And thank you Crikey for unleashing First Dog on the world.

    I’ll be checking things out at the Guardian, and I’ll be watching this space to see what new artistic delights or horrors may fill it, but there was something very special about the Dog + Crikey combination that I will miss. (Though if I ever see the phrase “engorged Clivegina” again I may change my mind about that.)

  37. BoganInParasite

    It could only be worse if we also lost the Plane Talking blog. Cya Dog.

  38. Chris Johnson

    ‘It’s like when you open a fridge with something going bad in it and you get that blast of warm/cold stinky air and then add that FPPH noise – that is the Liberal Party of today.’ See, you’re not just funny FD but a prophet to boot. It’s time to share your hilarious wisdom with the world. Thanks for being so talented!

  39. Greig White

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  40. PDGFD1

    Oh Firsty…
    I am a selfish b*stard so I’d dearly love to remove all your treats (and your ball(s)… but… n’ere the less… you shall be thought of fondly when ‘ere the rubber ducky plays…’You are my sunshine’
    Merky Buckets for all your efforts!

    Au revoir et bonne chance premier chien

    zut, andyb, paddy, plonk, emc, venise,sha’niqua stevo (et alia)… thank you for your company, commiserations and chuckles as well.

    You will all be missed (but probably not as much as ‘Bandi’ + Brenda)!
    Hope to find you at Brindabella before the next election!

  41. Andrew L

    Enchanté et bon chance Firsty

  42. drovers cat

    A historic moment – one minute’s silence.
    Now… See you and all the ‘nauts at the Guardian, dog#1, and may your bark and bite remain as equal in the new domain.
    We’ll start the lounge furniture moves now … DrMick, can you grab that table … zut, the sofa with klewso, I’ll fetch the wet bar with Paddy … venise can you bring FD’s gold-plated bowl over … oh and emc grab the catnip, will you – I think we’ll need it where we’re going

  43. John Newton

    Yah boo sucks! you can’t go! You adrenalise my afternoon! You swing my circadian rhythms! Say it isn’t so! Where do we go to see you? The Herald-Sun? Are you going to do cartoon with that nice Mr Bolt? missing you already.

  44. Catherine M

    O lovely Doggy! O Doggy my love,
    What a beautiful Doggy you are,
    You are,
    You are!
    What a beautiful Doggy you are!
    Look forward to seeing you at the Guarniad. Hope the foul-mouthed dead cat and Tony Abbott’s penis survive the transition. (I can’t believe I just wrote that. What does it even mean????)

  45. poppy41

    Boo Hoo….I am sooo going to miss the irreverent piss taking of all things and all those that need piss taking.

    thankyou so much 🙂

  46. Fascinated

    Oh dear God – Jasper’s got his eye on No 10 cat flap. FD is a front for his new world order.

  47. Stephen

    No, say it ain’t true!

    Andrew Marlton, you have been bloody marvellous, yours has been an outstanding and noble contribution to Australian sanity.

    I hope that you will reappear shortly under another alias, perhaps Last Cat Off Uranus.

    Best wishes, Steve Saunders

  48. Cathy Pace

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My day, my year, has rooned!!

  49. Elegy

    Best of luck in your campaign to hound the guardians

  50. HB

    will follow you to the G but I wanted to thank you and wish you success and good editors that let your freak flag fly.

  51. Le Hazurier

    Noooooooooooooooo, first dog, I rearry, rearry ruv you. I’m howling as loud as a real papier-mache dog at the moooooooooooooooon. Your calendar, mouse pad, signed poster…. to me they be like bones dup up and chewed some more! May you continue to enlighten, laughen and educaten me elsewhere.
    PS – what was the farewell card from your Crikey colleagues like?!

  52. Red Bob

    On behalf of Brendas everywhere, thanks. I hope I can speak for every Brenda out there, when I assure you that we will continue to “fcuk their shit up”.

  53. Raaraa

    There’s gonna be a massive gaping hole here from now on.

  54. PDGFD1

    Oh Drovers’… I left you out… many apologies!! Bringing round the van now

  55. graybul

    You were/are a breath of fresh air . . in a fog/miasma, world of political dog shit!

  56. Bernie Woiwod

    I have just renewed my subscription to Crikey.
    No First Dog. I want my money back!!!


  57. Andrew Bartlett

    congratulations and best wishes and thanks for some truly great works of humour/art/cartoobing

  58. rhwombat

    Don’t it always seem to be,
    That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.
    They paid Firsty mice, and and pissed off the farkin’ lot.

    Thanks for the mammaries (Gina the Giant Floating Boob Turtle), Zombie KRC and all of the marsupialist, weapons-grade whimsy FD. Also for hosting the best little lounge on the planet. Dogonauts – Preeeesent (…wait for it…) Legs! Perhaps we could occupy the Grauniad and have boozy, maudlin reunions each year on World Shark Day.

    Enjoy the ride, and the malts, and the company of native species – we expect to hear all about it at the Grauniad.

    PS Thanks, also, to Jonathan Green for helping with the spawning of a phenomenon, and to Crikey for supporting it.

  59. Coaltopia

    Enjoy a well-earned whisky in Tassy.

    Somehow, one of my favs seems appropriate here: http://www.crikey.com.au/2012/06/29/is-that-it-is-that-all-there-is/

  60. fractious

    Thank you for all the toons, the ones that make me snigger, giggle, the roar laughing, scratch my head in confusion, shed a tear and above all make me look at things the way a marsupial might. I hope there will there be a Lounge at the Granuadid, though I fear it won’t be as laid-back as it is here.

    And thanks to all the Dogonaut Lounge members, Crikey won’t be the same when they close the bar here for the last time.

    Bon Voyage M. Premier Chien sur la Lune.

  61. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    Just make sure the peoples at the Guardian don’t take you for “a nice drive to see the lady in the white coat”. You’ll wake up without your testicles….

  62. Zeke

    Thank you Dog. Best wishes for your new job. I’ve still got my calendar to enjoy until December.,,

    The bong smoking underpants is an image that will haunt me…

  63. Flowenswell

    Thank you First Dog. I fear I won’t see you all the time at the Guardian. I’ll make a special effort to read it just for you…

  64. Liamj

    Bound to happen Shaniq’ua, you know what those poms are like: intra-class iconoclasm only. I don’t think firstdog knows what he’s signed up for, maybe he can keep them in a jar, or on a necklace like Barney..

  65. Bobimagee


  66. Venise Alstergren

    FIRST DOG: I tried to get here sooner but had computer problems.

    I think it will be your fate-no matter if you remain at the Guardian or go on to other places-to never be loved as much as your first audience at Crikey has loved you.

    Good luck and thanks for your genius.



  67. Venise Alstergren

    ERIC BEECHER: I hates yer! No I don’t, but I do. Sob!

  68. Queen of Nambour

    And just where are we all going to meet and digest? Did you think of us Mr Dog? No …clearly not. Well, this is just simply not good enough. We fed you, we petted you, we washed you, carried little warm plastic bags when we went walkies and this is what we get in return. You just wander off, tail in the air and live with the neighbours while we sit here bereft, overcome with grief and loss and wondering what to do with a half a bag of Goodos. This is absurd. At my age I don’t want another dog. I expected this one to last at least another couple of years and last until I went to the retirement village. I think I’m going to have to take two medicinal G&T’s and book a foot massage with Sven to get over the pain.

  69. Frank

    What Queen of Nambour @ 67 said.

  70. The Quiet One

    Thank goodness I still have my ABC Interpretive Dance Bandicoot iphone cover. I had to buy the super new GOLD SHINY GORGEOUS iphone just so I could put the ugly blue plastic cover on it. My admiration knows no bounds.
    I hope First Dog will still be First Dog over at the Guardian otherwise I might have to cry.

  71. Frank

    What about Helga?

    And what about the catnip and whiskey ( whiskey a metaphor for beer and some other spirit )? I was serious, seriously.
    You were the glue that perfect-bound the book here and I think “they” have made a huge mistake in letting you. Can’t even think about it coz it won’t be the same. See what you’ve done? Cut!hehehe.

  72. Drew Gold

    Ok, I’ll leave you in peace. You are probably out having a couple or about to go out and have a couple…hmmm, just wish I was there.


  73. Electric Lardyland

    Is there a second dog on the moon?

  74. Douglas and Milko

    Yep, thanks so much. Since 2007 your daily cartoon has put a spring in my step. Even if I have been too busy at work to read it, that daily cartoon is something I have treasured, as a treat to be savoured, once I got home, cooked dinner, did the washing, wrote grant applications…

    And it got me through.


  75. Crispy

    Are you still at lunch?

  76. AR

    DezP – Brenda will have to deal with Steve Bell’s Prince Phillip Penguin, who infiltrated the Grauniad during the Falkland’s adventure.He’s old & fat now, no doubt she’ll kick his arse.

  77. Boston the Dog

    Love Ya Firsty! Good Luck.

  78. mcgilla

    What I always wanted. A guardian dog.

  79. Andrew Pye

    First of all…thank you for the regular and reliable reassurance that it is them, not me, who are fucked up.

    Second, please don’t go. I love you!

  80. Wynn

    This is both awful and wonderful.

  81. Daly

    Thanks FDOTM for all the tears, of laughter, recognition and sadness! For the bucket! For the many personable animals, particularly the marsupials!
    I’ll read you on the Guardian and miss you at Crikey.

  82. Matt Hardin

    Best of luck at the guardian, First Dog. You will be missed.

    Quick, put him in the van!!!

  83. Stu Knibbs

    Will really miss you and all the wonderful characters here but looking forward to seeing you at your new home. Thank you so much for all the laughs and taking the piss out of so many that SOOOOOOO needed it. All the best at the new address.

  84. Kevin_T

    Farewell, and Fare Well.

    You will be missed at Crikey.
    Good luck, Kevin

  85. MAC TEZ

    Your last cartoon prompts my first comment. I’ll try to console myself with the 85% reduction in subscription costs that must come with your departure.
    Wishing FD every success at the G.

  86. Roo K

    well, dow I really regret reading ahead in my 1st Dog on the Moon calendar, and will have even less to look forward to than the complete lack of appointments I found in it 🙁

  87. Hendo

    First Dog, thank you for all of the laughs, the shaken heads, the occasional tear, for just keeping me up to date. I can’t believe you are leaving Crikey. My understanding of the world has been shaken. I will miss seeing you in here (and the ABC Dance Bandicoot, and zombie Jasper and darling Abby). I’m glad you’re going to still be drawing. I always vote for your cartoons in the Political Cartoons exhibition (because they are the best). I guess I’ll be taking up reading The Guardian then… Only for you would I stoop to regularly going anywhere near a regular newspaper!

    Crikey, thank you for taking on First Dog in the first place, his cartoons have been the best part of your (fantastic) publication – please select his replacement very carefully!

  88. drovers cat

    (Tuesday) – can’t find you, dog … or the new lounge – where are you?

  89. zut alors

    drover’s, isn’t he hitting Tasmania on his tricycle for a bout of whisky madness before re-emerging?

  90. drovers cat

    I thought he was back, zut … but you’re probably right – it’s a nice place for a break before entering the new lounge. Glad to see someone still here – gee we left the place looking a bit daggy didn’t we? Wonder who the new one’ll be. Second Dog? Surley not …

  91. PDGFD1

    DC + zut… Keep coming back to look for you all… know he’s having a good time in Tas with JK… but… even a few days without a cartoob…. bereft we are here…
    S’pose I could vacuum the rug before turning out the lights… nothing to be done about the stains tho’…

  92. zut alors

    drovers & PDGFD1, are you suggesting we won’t have our security bond refunded?

  93. drovers cat

    zut, PGDFD1, I think we should hang about here or at last check in regularly for said bond protection and keep the riff-raff out until the new lounge is ready – maybe answer queries if they come in.
    It all looks so … empty … sigh

  94. bingmort

    I love your work “First dog” and don’t ever lose your humour or genius. You are an amazing interpretive dance bandicoot.

  95. Andybob

    FD goes away for a week and the gummint reintroduces knighthoods. See what they get up to when satire sleeps ?

  96. drovers cat

    Another surcharge from this govt

  97. PDGFD1

    Dear Dogonauts-of-old… please feel free to call me PD – just realised what a pain my nickname is (and yes spell checker, I use an ‘S’)!

    Zut – no worries on the deposit – I got the harpic onto the stains (hopefully they won’t notice the dog hair under the rug).

    DC + Ab- I know what you mean.. sigh…
    Have been perusing the ‘carpetbagger’ (should that be kennel-napper?) site… space looks very limited – hope there’s room for Queen of Nambour’s chaise lounge, Venise’s wine glasses, emc’s banners, the piano, all our fold-up chairs AND the van (along with Firsty’s gold bowl).

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