Mar 21, 2014

Plane crazy: the wackiest theories on flight MH370

Was MH370 hijacked by terrorists? Taken to China? Found in the ocean? Covered up by the US government? All of the above? Crikey intern Ania Dutka takes a look at what we didn't know and when we didn't know it ...

After yesterday’s Australian discovery of a possible “credible lead” as to missing Malaysia flight MH370’s whereabouts, the media (both social and traditional) finally have a few facts to report. After almost two weeks with no clues, there is a tangible mission, along with treacherous weather conditions and seas to go with it. (Nothing has been found today, yet).

It’s the first real breakthrough in the saga that has gripped the world and garnered hours of media coverage — mostly filled with wild speculation. Guardian commentator Michael Woff has called it the “the new anti-journalism” — the absence of information entities everyone to wild theorising and the media to report these speculations. Here are some of the theories that have emerged so far …

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5 thoughts on “Plane crazy: the wackiest theories on flight MH370

  1. Kevin Rennie

    Global Voices’ Jeff South had a great roundup of conspiracy theories a few days ago: Malaysia Airlines MH370 Mystery Fuels Conspiracy Theories. One that no one seems to have picked up on was on Facebook: “We need to ask Nick Xenophon (yes – I believe he would be safer than Bill Shorten or even Anthony Albanese – as he is less likely to have been compromised) to investigate the fate of MH370 which I sincerely believe is being held at Woomera.”

  2. Grumpy Old Sod

    The best and most way out theory I’ve heard is that the USA has suppressed technology via ‘black’ funding and part of that is a 3,000 ft flying ‘tube’ powered by free energy which is gravitationally propelled. That is, this ‘ship’ is free of the effects of inertia and can thus exhibit all the traits of a UFO in great speed, changing direction instantaneously and hovering. The theory goes that the Yanks plucked this plane out of the sky in retaliation for something or other the Malaysians did that pissed them off and the proponents of that theory don’t hold any hope out for the occupants. For sheer ‘out there’ theories, this takes the cake.

  3. j.oneill

    Speculation, whether “crazy” or not, is usually assisted by an absence of hard information. In the present case it is clear that several governments have been at best economical with the truth, including but not limited to Malaysia and the US.

    It is for example, fundamentally nonsensical to claim that satellites, which cover the globe to the nth degree were not able to track its movements. The latest claims from the Australian government about debris in the Indian Ocean are probably sourced to American spy satellites but they are being remarkably coy about it.

    There are still huge inconsistencies with what we have been told. If in fact the plane flew off course for a huge distance, as is now being suggested, it beggars belief that the plane’s trajectory would be “lost” given that it was well off known flight traffic patterns. One is lead to the inevitable, albeit temporary conclusion, that we are still being told a version that is at best economical with the truth.

  4. David Penington

    j.oneill, Satellites might be able to track the plane (I’m not sure they can) but they won’t have been looking, and no people will have been working on tracking routine civilian flights. Almost all of Australia’s effort is going into looking for “people smugglers”. Lots of effort is being spent on Ukraine/Crimea; terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iran, North Korea, …
    Entire ships go missing, and they’re a lot easier to track than aircraft (except that weather can hide them)
    The imaging that shows the possible debris is from a commercial satellite.
    I haven’t seen evidence of the U.S. being “economical with the truth” on MH370. What makes you say it, apart from the assumption that they must know where it is?

  5. j.oneill

    David, Without breaching the Official Secrets Act I can tell you that the spy satellites cover the entire surface of the planet. All the information they gather is stored and can be retrieved to focus on particular areas or events. The purported trajectory of MH370 took it outside the usual commercial routes. That event would have been recorded by the satellites. The reporting of this event has been either remarkably naive or more likely the media have been told to restrict the information they release.

    Even the source of the Australian information released yesterday was not revealed although it was almost certainly US spy satellites. As is also well established by now, the Malaysian government has told a variety of stories, many of them completely inconsistent with earlier versions. This is not simply a case of learning more and talking about it. There has been deliberate obfuscation, including releasing the fact that the pilot was a strong supporter of Anwar and two days before the plane “disappeared” the Malaysian supreme court reinstated the blatantly trumped up sodomy conviction. It may or may not be causally linked, but in the Malaysian context it is certainly a material fact.

    We are now being fed a variety of theories by the msm such as an onboard fire leading to decompression and loss of consciousness. That is largely BS. It does not accord with the known facts such as the turning off of the transponder and other equipment prior to the plane turning from its original course. That doesn’t happen by chance or the pilot inadvertently pushing the wrong button. Nor does following a flight path designed to avoid military radar and varying the height of the plane. If the plane was on auto pilot (which on present evidence I completely reject) it would not have flown in the pattern it did with unconscious pilots.

    There are many other points that could be made, but this is a comment, not an article.

    Until there is some concrete evidence I remain sceptical that we are being treated as other than mushrooms; i.e. kept in the dark and fed on BS.

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