Mar 21, 2014

Follow Friday: @MarkAdomanis, injecting nuance and numbers into Russia debate

There's plenty of myth and misinformation around Russia and the Ukraine. Writer Mark Adomanis wants to move beyond a debate which tends to be black and white.

Matthew Clayfield

Journalist, critic, screenwriter and playwright

On February 28, when reports started coming in that unidentified armed men in combat gear were patrolling outside Crimea's airport and had occupied the region's parliament building, Forbes contributor Mark Adomanis (@MarkAdomanis) took to his blog, 'The Russia Hand', to condemn what appeared to be a Russian incursion into Ukraine.

"I knew that the Kremlin would react negatively to [Viktor] Yanukovych’s downfall and to the anti-Russian tint of the new Ukrainian government," he wrote in a piece called 'Did Russia Just Invade Crimea?'

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2 thoughts on “Follow Friday: @MarkAdomanis, injecting nuance and numbers into Russia debate

  1. David Crosswell

    The bloke’s an idiot.
    The attraction for the EU, even though NATO can’t afford the investment in the continued U.S. expansion programme, is the fact that the Ukraine has some of the richest agricultural land on the planet and substantial mineral wealth. This is an extremely attractive proposition to an all but bankrupt EU. This is why they are endorsing the U.S. sanctions with sanctions of their own, even though this places Germany, for one example, in a sensitive position, with Russia supplying Europe with one third of it’s gas supply through the pipelines that run through the Ukraine. You know, those pipes one of the rabid right wingers, Yarosh, was suggesting be destroyed.

    This just one aspect of the situation.

    If this bloke is rated as a knowledgeable narrator on the situation, he’s an extremely badly informed one.

  2. The_roth

    @David Crosswell for all I know you may be right but you don’t back up any of your statements of fact with any evidence.

    So that I can confirm your great and superior knowledge to Mark Adomanis please link the empirical data that supports your suppositions.

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