Mar 20, 2014


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38 thoughts on “Who among you is braver than an anti-hunting activist?

  1. paddy

    Damn it EMC (the nicest thread on the whole internet) Reduced me to pathetic floods of tears & I’d barely had time for a coffee.
    Tomorrow will be a sad day. (sobs)

  2. rhwombat

    drm: Amen too. Perhaps we should squat on this thread, singing we shall not be moved in desperate baritone (contralto fro Venise) and supporting each other with comments on the Grauniad Commentariat, until they get jack of us and buy Crikey out of spite.

    AR: Our Mum is Your <3 something ? Pixel choke.

  3. Suziekue

    Winter is coming *sniffle*. See you over at the Guardian FD.

  4. Madison

    WTF dog!! The Guardian, that seething mass of pleasantly moulded over news, Crikey, please refund my subs. Good luck dog.

  5. Kevin_T

    If one Googles First Dog on the Moon at the moment, the “News” says you have been poached, so rather ironic (or is it coincidental?) that your cartoon on the same day is about poachers….

    Sorry to see you go, I hope that it is the opportunity that you surely hope it is. Good luck!

  6. klewso

    Here’s hoping it’s just a phase you’re going through?

  7. klewso

    While there was a Dog on the Moon
    You could right the world thru cartoon.
    Lift your legs and take piss.
    You know he’ll be missed,
    No more than our eyes, tootle-ooin’.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    FIRSTY: It is too much to bear. The only good thing about the news is-no, there is no good news about it-from this side of the Dogonaut lounge.

    I wish you all the very best at your new posting. Thank you for a blissful five to six years.

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