Mar 20, 2014


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38 thoughts on “Who among you is braver than an anti-hunting activist?

  1. De Presser

    Wad about us?// whaqt tyhe fk. Who is gonna agree with us and argue against us at the same time like U done.? U inconsideate cut! Wheres the blaides?///?Everone is gasping…it’s over.i just cant believe it.

  2. First Dog On The Moon

    Dear all – thanks a bunch for your support and good wishes over the years. I really did read almost all the comments. you are all quite mad and I am rather fond of you. Please feel free to come over to The Guardian and join in the comments there, it is a much larger pond and they don’t play so nice so I will miss our little community here in the Dogonaut Lounge. But don’t forget that crikey is still here and needs your support more than ever.

    Thanks for everything, tomorrow will be the last one.



  3. Andybob

    It looks like tomorrow is the end of civilization as we know it. Best wishes and thanks FD and last one out of the lounge turn off the lights.

  4. Gary

    Att: Marina, you are wrong!

  5. drmick

    I am going to miss everyone in the Dogonaut Lounge as well. 1.30pm was a very important part of my day, and grew to be an important part of my life. To be a member of the most intelligent, funny and caring bunch of people I have never met; and to watch the banter and look on in awe at the talent in this place was truly an honour. We solved the problems of the world here and did it with a respect, compassion and dignity that is sadly lacking out there in the real world.
    Love youse all.

  6. fractious

    What no First Dog at Crikey no more? But, but, well, you know. Sigh. Also what everyone else said.

    I’ve seen freckled ducks up close (not to speak to mind, more one of those meetings where you’re close enough but can’t quite find the right words or the right worms, and besides you don’t want to intrude) and they are decidedly handsome. What sort of ar$ehat would shoot a freckled duck, or even your average Joe Duck in the Pond come to that, just for “sport”? I like to imagine an alternative universe where every autumn and winter these human beens are met by a fleet of attack moorhens armed with AK47s backed up by numerous shoveller commando units hiding in the cumbungi, and a squadron of wood ducks (bomber command) in the swamp oaks. That’ll learn ’em.

  7. Plonkoclock

    Drmick – Amen. See you at the Guradian, FD.

  8. AR

    sniff..le.. taken so early and we hardly knew you. VALE esp TonynotaD.
    Oh, and sorry to see you go too, FDotM.

  9. AR

    Can anyone read what is on Danby’s t-shirt? Looks profound.

  10. blumama25

    Honestly, Mr OntheMoon, I laughed. And I felt guilty.

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