Tips and rumours

Mar 20, 2014

Tips and rumours

The RiotACT to shut down? ... reports of Qantas snouts in the trough ... was this Melbourne protest fair? ...


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3 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. frey

    As for the protest video, the very least I would expect for politicians (and the drivers following their orders) is to not break the law.

    What would be expected is to have appropriate personnel (guard/police etc.) to make the way safe. Any time i see a driver (however slowly) push people out of the way with their vehciles makes me shudder. It can so easily go wrong and a dead protester doesn’t do the pollie any good.

  2. David Hand

    Any time I read about some informer giving uncomplimentary rumours about business leaders’ bad behaviour while there is industrial conflict going on, I know it’s bullshit.

  3. Kevin_T

    A person who interferes with a moving vehicle in such a way is surely responsible themselves if they get injured – however, once that injury takes place, isn’t the driver breaking the law by leaving the scene of the accident?

    The end of the video appears that the car is driving off (although it finishes too soon to be certain) – if so does it become a hit and run incident/offence?

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