Mar 19, 2014

No case for standing aside, but Sinodinos couldn’t have done his job

There were no grounds for Arthur Sinodinos to stand aside, but with all the attention he couldn't have done his job at a crucial moment in his quest to gut FOFA.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Update: Senator Sinodinos stood aside just before 2.00pm today, saying “I do not want this sideshow to be an unnecessary distraction to the important work of the Government.”

While some are calling for Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos to stand aside while the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption considers the case of Australian Water Holdings, there’s no clear case for that. No specific accusation of impropriety of any kind has been raised against him in his time as director or chairman of the company, unlike other NSW Liberal Party figures who have been identified by counsel assisting.

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24 thoughts on “No case for standing aside, but Sinodinos couldn’t have done his job

  1. Jimmy

    I seem to recall BK making a comment a year or two ago abot Abbott continual calls for ministers to resign over the most trivial thing will set him a very high bar to meet when in govt – and now with Nash and Sinodinos it appears he is struggling to meet that bar.

    As for the FOFA repeal – this is reprehensible, to claim that removing the clause to have advisers act in their best interest will have no negative impact because there will always be the “ethical obligation” indicates Abbot has never actually met a financial planner!

  2. Dogs breakfast

    “It’s also rolled-gold hypocrisy”

    Wrong, Bernard, this is solid gold hypocrisy.

  3. MJPC

    Jimmy, there’s also Alex Somlyay and, BK, in a word its ethics and greed and how much the voters are prepared to put up with from any part of politics. ( (after all the age of entitlement is dead in some sectors of the economy).
    As an aside, I saw, and read of, Sinodinas in todays SMH, and he is not cute in any sence of the word. If being clever is ripping off the taxpayers then something is wrong in my definition of ethical behaviour.
    In keeping with these people staying on the payroll while sorry stories are told (a’la Craig Thomson) I guess the proletariat have to put up while ICAC charts the course however, I expect the opposition will ‘take no prisoners” and mercilessly prosecute the case against citizen Abbott and his hangers on over this sorry story.

  4. Wynn

    ‘Poor judgement’ seems generous, even on the currently available facts. Sinodinos was a director, then chairman. He had an obligation to make himself aware of what was going on.

  5. Jimmy

    See he has just stood aside, but still won’t make any explanation.

  6. Liamj

    Thank you Sinodinos, your greed should buy NSW a new government.

  7. sebster

    Aaaaand, he’s gone. Bye!

  8. drmick

    Justice is better when its poetic. Wynn is right. There are rights and responsibilities here and filling up the treasurers election campaign with the proceeds of crime would probably not be the first time this has happened, but the first time someone has been that arrogant and sloppy about it.

  9. shepherdmarilyn

    I am wondering when the media is going to realise that repealing provisions that are meant to ‘”save” just $1 billion from a $360 billion budget is just time wasting nonsense because they have no actual policies to put to the parliament.

  10. Hamis Hill

    “There are no grounds for AS to stand aside”,so the next article will address the fact that he did actually, groundlessly, stand aside?

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