Mar 19, 2014


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17 thoughts on “AMP Still Suck Again

  1. klewso

    Ways Toady could be different …….

  2. klewso

    “…. so someone said “I’m not full yet. Let’s poach all those pensioner’s nest eggs” …. and those wizened fossilised plebs left, all lived happily truncated ever after, in the salt mines, where the retirement age is yet to be finalised, on Toady’s welfare benevolence!”

  3. drmick

    oower oower oower,
    a man fell down the sewer
    pulled the chain
    and up he came
    covered in proceeds of crime.

  4. Venise Alstergren

    DRMICK: I’m almost sure I read (in Crikey and about a year or two ago) that one of these mad/greedy/obscene/clever, if you like this sort of cräp,) American religious sects control a huge amount of OUR water rights. Rivers, irrigation and such like.

    It is a sect which has had a lot of trouble with people who have seen through them and write the odd book or two about their mind-numbing experiences. I’d give you the name if I could remember it.

    Rereading your comment I think you know about this scam. Would our beloved leader, giant ears Rabbott tackle people with loads of money and an unseemly amount of power? You betcha!

  5. Venise Alstergren

    DRMICK: My final “You betcha!” was meant as irony. In other words would he support Ginaballs? Ha, Is the Pope a Catholic?

  6. Michael Hess

    Commentators get excited when they can identify hubris in a government. This most often occurs in a third term and is electorally fatal. Congratulations must go to the Tony government for achieving it in the first few months – they clearly believe that they don’t need to listen to the financial planning or indeed the forest industry because they know what’s best for everyone.

  7. shields paul

    Wasn’t there a recent Crikey article about how useless financial advice is? Something around a talk given to Google employees? Anyway, don’t use them.

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