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Mar 18, 2014




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19 thoughts on “Calling someone a “massive sook”: What does 18C say?

  1. klewso

    Of course he’s not a racist he said so – and some of his most ardent followers, the ones he feeds, aren’t either.
    ….. At least his mouth is running the Right way today?

  2. zut alors

    Thanks Firsty, at last this makes sense.

    I thought he was accused of being a gracist ie: someone with an abundance of good grace.

  3. klewso

    Ground Hog day?
    How’s he to know how his brown-shirts are going to react to his colourful language?
    ….. is that hail?

  4. rhwombat

    It’s uncanny how Claude (are you sure that shouldn’t be Clawed) Vas Deferens resembles Labia Inabox – though very appropriate for the subject. Tears of joyful schadenfreude fall freely from my ducts.

  5. Andybob

    “Not racist, but No. 1 with racists !”
    The Simpsons logo for Fox News)

  6. drovers cat

    I blow my nose at you, son of a silly person. S’not the way to get sympathy.

  7. Dez Paul

    I find it very hard to believe a bonobo would be that kaffir hater’s helper. Bonobo’s are way too smart, and not racist at all.

  8. paddy

    You should be ashamed of yourself FD.
    Why only this morning, feeling sorry for the poor old Bolter.
    I thought I would cheer him up by mentioning that he had his very own day in FDOTM’s calendar.
    Imagine my horror, when I looked up June 3 and found….Nothing!
    What has happened to Andrew Bolt’s A Dickhead Day?
    Where are the cheering crowds and all those purple ribbons?

    Oh fairweather wretched dog.
    A mere box of pink tissues, just doesn’t say “we care” like a purple ribbon.

  9. drmick

    Geez Firsty. First drawing of a male soft tissue thingy, and everyone is speechless. Ironic when the subject is about one sided free speech.

    Mr Nutt wants to be able to racially abuse people and not get into trouble for it. There are laws against this, but his parliamentary friends are changing them for him; Which is good for him; and maybe them; but not for the other 22,999,999 other people that live in Australia; especially those who believe in democracy and don’t like it.

  10. zut alors

    Apparently no level of apology is sufficient to sate his ego.

    Perhaps he could plagiarise Seinfeld and insist Tony Jones (or Mark Scott) recompense by being his butler for a year.

  11. Crispy

    Feet are not what bonobos usually rub. Just sayin’.

  12. Brian Williams

    That 2002 Golliwog Reserve Shiraz is a good drop Firsty, and goes equally as well with Wagner or the Horst Wessel drinking song.

  13. ernmalleyscat

    Ahahah that’s the best portrait of a person of letters I’ve seen this year. A shoe-in for the Archibald. You’ve caught his features beautifully.

  14. Recalcitrant.Rick

    so Crispy, let’s hope the Bonobo didn’t wash his hands first!

  15. drmick

    RHWombat: I think this is what a mangina looks like; and like his friend abutt, There is a huge difference between having a big one; and being a big one.

  16. klewso

    I’d love to watch him flossing?

  17. klewso

    For “Australia’s most read journalist (this is Limited News standards)” and the relish with which he uses that devotion of resources lavished on him, paid to vilify and denigrate those who cross his and his employer’s opinions (backed by Murdoch’s bully-boy troll army), he sure gets precious when some “lesser deserving” mortal casts an askance view his way?

  18. rhwombat

    Brian: ..not to mention that “Yesterday belongs to meeeeeee!”

  19. Jeff

    The representation of Bolt (aka the Rinehart Cowboy) as a box of tissues is inspired. I bet there are any number of cartoonists in Australia seriously jealous that they didn’t think of it first. Well done FD.


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