Mar 17, 2014


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22 thoughts on “My Mom is Cold: The Return

  1. ernmalleyscat

    “First Dog will be the
    only journalist* who
    mentions this event in
    tomorrow’s news media”

    Interesting watershed moment in news coverage where over 100,000 people are ignored by papers and TV because they used social media to organise and document the events.

    *apparently it says journalist on the Walkley

  2. puddleduck

    I rather liked “Ditch the Warlock”, held by a young man in Melbourne.

    Also enjoyed a nice pic of Tony with a quote from Adolf Hitler that could just as easily have emanated from the suppository of all wisdom, our very own Tone: “it is not truth that matters, but victory.”

  3. Dez Paul

    “People who voted for tony are still people”, even if they are one eyed, political in-breds who, rather like Baldrick, inherited the only family gene. Nice rendition, FD. Now you can look forward to your own “rendition” to a pacific island, after being forced to get in the back of a van.

  4. Electric Lardyland

    “OMG!! I’m not on the train!!!”

  5. Pam Mulholland

    Very disappointing response to March in March from First Dog. When you ask us what we’re trying to say do you imagine that as individuals we have no detailed analysis of the things we’re taking the trouble to object to in this way? Is it our fault that there is such a wide range of issues to focus on or could it be that this Tony Abbott led government is piling on the disappointments – to put it mildly – so thick and so fast that people are in danger of being overwhelmed and rendered speechless?

    When a way has been created to collectively respond to this situation – which is a first step of expression with no expectation that it will result in immediate concrete change – you have chosen to view it as some woolly and purposeless left wing rabble. All you’ve done from my perspective is to heighten my awareness of the capacity of professional political commentators to read things wrong.

  6. Pusscat

    From sources close to my dentist’s magazine rack, I had concluded that the whole thing was just a run-through for the delirious welcome We Proud Aussies will be turning on for The Cambridges next month…apparently Little Prince George has gnawed through several platinum spoons already in sheer anticipation of seeing Natives with Placards sharing almost-forgotten traditional cultural practices like demonstrating…

  7. fractious

    @emc, Dr Mick, your observations I’m sure haven’t escaped those who organised these events. The MSM’s deliberate la-la-la-can’t-hear-you will probably make the next one even bigger because screw them.

    “Tony – Putting The Con Into Conservation”

  8. klewso


  9. drmick

    Hey First Dog: “This is an off leash area. Please pick up your dogs Tony Abbots, and dispose of them in receptacles provided”. Should be one of these signs everywhere.

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