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Mar 14, 2014




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24 thoughts on “Wall to Wall Shagpile Liberal National Coalition Carpets Australia!

  1. klewso

    There’s something in the Abbottsfear – is it castor oil?

  2. Stuart Coyle

    Clivegina, a monstrous hybrid nearly as fearsome as the Rinepalmer.

  3. drmick

    Vlad the Unemployer. In his red speedos, astride a prancing pyne; Emperor of all he sees; and he can see plenty now because there are none of those pesky trees.
    If only the senate stays safe; he will have all that meat; and no potatoes

  4. Andybob

    The crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridors
    Full coalition coverage, no more lifeblood than before.
    They’re moving in time to a heavy wooden door,
    Where the needles eye is winking, closing on the poor.
    The carpet crawlers heed their callers:
    Weve got to get in to get out
    Weve got to get in to get out
    Weve got to get in to get out.

  5. Dez Paul

    That should be the Daily Merde?
    Ponsonby Scumlington is clearly being groomed for the CoS vacancy in Fiona Gnash’s office.

  6. Phen

    When is Crikey going to stop repeating the lie that the mining industry is subsidised. Not paying diesel fuel tax is not a handout as the tax was never intended for power generation and off-road usage.

  7. zut alors

    To blend with the landscape I’m thinking of redecorating with LNP wallpaper – so tasteful, so NOW.

    We may be comforted by what occurred when the French aristocracy thought they had the populace neatly stitched up.

  8. drovers cat

    Won’t last forever … Libs in Turmoil headline already taking hold in Vic.
    And Mrs Slocombe will surely roll Mr ABBOneTermTony before long, once he’s set up the copper-lined NanoBeanstalkNetwork

  9. rhwombat

    #6: Oh oh. Somebody’s in the wrong place again – or just doesn’t get savage whimsy. Any lamb lying down on Broadway, would get run over by the Prime Mustelid, then scarfed by the Clivegina.

  10. rhwombat

    dc: Nah. Mrs Slocombe didn’t do what he was told the first time, so Rupert & Gina’s little friends won’t let him play with the toys again. Toady’s only virtue is following orders to the letter, so he’s the perfect “leader” for the Bully Boys Club of Corporate Jawhol Mensch now known as the Ellenpocalypse. Did you hear Standartenführer Brandis, our Apologist General and Minister for Yarts, yapping about reining in those vicious ingrate artists who insult their corporate donors? Julius Streicher rides again.

  11. drmick

    RHW, DC, I fear Lumpy Lardclaker the could be the chosen one if toady starts to smell too much to lead us the the premised land.
    Smokin Joe and Jethro would make a stand out yes man team.

  12. zut alors

    rhwombat, I think you’ve just tipped us off to the main float at the 2015 Mardi Gras – Brandis in all his gory/glory.

  13. klewso

    Reckon he’d ever take on an 80 year-old salty.

  14. klewso

    Thank Rupert for Ball Shortcut, or this Toady Limited News Party government would really be in La Merde.

  15. Venise Alstergren

    Someone once spoke of the boring lower middle-classness of the WWII Nazi Party. Without, in any way, trying to suggest the present government has any resemblance to the Nazi Party-well not much. “Hello Gina.” The thought of all the states and territories being solid boring middle-class gits, combined with their nearest and dearest makes me want to vomit.

  16. Zeke

    Phen @ 6

    I don’t get a handout when I buy fuel for my lawnmower. Why should Gina Palmer get a handout for “off-road” use?

  17. AR

    Diesel rebate applies to miners & farmers as an “input” to the biz of earning an income. Unfortunately so does R&D though blatantly abused by billing market research as ‘research’.
    However, surely the greatest abuse of all is that ADVERTISING – the evil offspring of Freud’s nephew Bernays – is fully tax decuctible.
    Imagine a world in which it was NOT.
    Like supamart carrier bags or fastfood containers, if there were truly a neo-con user pays system, the garbage collectors could simply bill the originators and anyone who pollutes OUR air & water would be heavily fined.
    Ah, fuggit, let’s open another red.

  18. fractious

    Frame 7 – does Bucket Head say “Honk if you’re Henry”? It’s just that I keep hearing them say “we have no plans to change GST” a lot at the moment, and what with the prospect of 100% Blue-Loo at COAG…

  19. GLJ

    Its funny …. But its not funny anymore… You know?

  20. Phen

    Zeke 16 – if you ran a lawnmowing business then you would get the tax rebated – entirely consistent and sensible.

  21. Phen

    AR 17 – in what bizarre parallel universe would advertising not be considered a cost of doing business and hence deductible?

  22. AR

    Phen – in an utterly amoral, unbalanced one skewed to & for BigBi$.
    Take BigPharma as an example – for all their posturing about R&D to develop new drugs (almost always for self induced, western lifestyle disease, not the big killers in the 3rd World (sic!) such as malaria, bilhazia, sleeping sickness, chikungunya etc.) when all the records show that they spend orders of magnitude more on advertising than yer akshal science.
    A good definition of advertising is to convince somebody to buy something they don’t know they want, do not need and which is probably deleterious – not just to the individual but society in toto.
    As someone said re your comments, “you’re in the wrong place..” – go back to Catalepsy.

  23. rhwombat

    AR: Spot on, however – “Forget it Jake, it’s commerce town.”


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