South Australia

Mar 14, 2014

State polls: two new Liberal-led governments likely, one certain

Liberal oppositions are in the box seat to win government in state elections in Tasmania and South Australia tomorrow. But one of the races could be closer than many think.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

Judgement day arrives tomorrow for Labor’s last two state governments. While expectations are that results will complete the nationwide conservative sweep (not counting the ACT), one of the two conclusions is a lot more foregone than the other.

The pattern followed for the cycle of state Labor governments that came to power in the late Paul Keating and early John Howard years has been from narrow initial victory to one or more landslide re-elections, followed by a close result as the opposition recovered its competitiveness. Where the governments survived the correction, as they did in New South Wales and Queensland, troubled final terms in office were followed by electoral annihilation.

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3 thoughts on “State polls: two new Liberal-led governments likely, one certain

  1. mikeb

    The Libs in Tas have been following Abbott’s electioneering guide. Short slogans to be used to answer any question, present small target by not detailing policies, make promises without detail, avoid direct debates. To be sure Labor here doesn’t deserve another term, but just as sure is that the Libs don’t deserve to win. It will be change for changes sake.

  2. AR

    Oppositions rarely win, governments almost always lose. Deservedly in the case of some, looking at the rodent, more often through pig ignorance, no awareness that “perceived” self interest is not the same ‘real’ self interest & short memories.
    At least with sea to shitty sea tory there will no excuse whatsoever for anyone to give TT a 2nd term.

  3. klewso

    The lessor of two weevils?

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