Mar 14, 2014

Follow Friday: @ClaireBerlinski, talking Turkey in Paris

Writer, academic and ex-Istanbullu Claire Berlinski watches events in Turkey with a heavy heart but little surprise. To those interested in the region, she's a leading voice on Twitter.

Matthew Clayfield

Journalist, critic, screenwriter and playwright

The footage out of Istanbul this week was depressingly familiar. The water cannons. The riot police. The Occupy Gezi protesters who last year captured the world's attention -- Turkish flags waving above Taksim Square and all that -- once again feeling the brunt of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's security forces as they once again take to the streets. Claire Berlinski (@ClaireBerlinski) has been watching the events from Paris with sadness but little surprise. "The protests never really ended," she told Crikey. "They were just suppressed." And suppressing popular anger is the best way of ensuring that it will eventually explode. Erdogan's proposed crackdown on social media and the daily leaking of tapes implicating him in "almost surreal" levels of corruption have helped to build the pressure. Tuesday's death of Berkin Elvin, a 15-year-old boy who had been in a coma since he was hit in the head with a tear gas canister last year, finally released it once again. "The protests didn’t just start again for no reason," Berlinski said.

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One thought on “Follow Friday: @ClaireBerlinski, talking Turkey in Paris

  1. AR

    THIS article is why I’ve given my hard earned OAP to Crikey for several years. Such articles over ride so much drivel & filler from the usual numpties masquerading as journos. that I’m willing to re-up pending an absence.

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