Transfield doesn’t deserve to be rewarded

Crikey readers talk the Transfield protest, Hockey's underplaying our economic success and the myth of oppressive penalty rates.


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2 thoughts on “Transfield doesn’t deserve to be rewarded

  1. JohnB

    Peter Burnett evidently does not understand the full impact of the artists’ futile boycott of a family and a company which isn’t even their target. They have boycotted the head of a private company because it shares a name, though not directors or executives, with the public company that took over from the foreign company G4S that used to do whatever they were complaining about.

    The Belgiorno-Nettis family has been Australia’s greatest corporate supporter of the arts for more than 4 decades. A few petulant artists have ensured that for decades to come, potential benefactors will think twice before they support the arts in this country.

    Richard Glover, in the Fairfax papers, sums this situation up as:

    “That’s a terrible result for the arts. It also represents a shameful dividend for the Belgiorno-Nettis family after decades of generosity and vision.

    “And yet it does nothing to achieve the change the activists sought. As a political strategy goes, it’s nuts.”

    Here is the link (add all the WWW’s)

  2. Draco Houston

    “Is this the real world where the Australian government cuts $650 million from the overseas aid budget this financial year, while giving Transfield $1.2 billion to run detention centres in the Pacific islands?”

    Are they going to continue their boycott until the Australian Government is no longer a sponsor too?

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