Mar 13, 2014

Razer’s Class Warfare: my last temptation

You can try to give up talking about feminism for Lent. But then along comes Janet Albrechtsen with a morsel too juicy to resist for this Catholic ...

Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

If we don’t count crushing guilt and disappointment, there is just one Roman Catholic habit I can’t seem to shake. Liturgy is difficult to forget in the weeks before Easter, and the appearance of Creme Egg always makes me remember Lent.  As I am not Jesus, I can hardly refuse the temptation of Cadbury, but I generally do try to practise some instructive form of self-denial starting Ash Wednesday.


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9 thoughts on “Razer’s Class Warfare: my last temptation

  1. Will

    Your praise from Albrechtsen has been well-earned with piece after piece of over-generalised twaddle attacking abstract Platonian totems against liberalism and feminism. If you don’t wish to be suffer such praise perhaps you should get a clue and apportion your scolding amongst more deserving targets than what irks you in passing as a mildly intellectual.

  2. David

    “Get behind me, Janet.” LoL!!!

  3. David

    One more comment from me Helen and then I am gone.

    I sparingly read the Oz so I can’t comment on Janet. But, I actually think that Janet Albrechtsen is just giving credit where credit is due. As you infer, even the devil can speak the truth, not that Janet is the devil, but you get the gist.

    As a reader of your Crikey pieces, I too have noticed a much wider parameter to your writing. And this without you leaving your core issues. I think this wider parameter is spiritual ( not so much religious ) but only you know this, so enough on that.

    I was doing a very interesting read the other night. It concerned a group of people who went through what’s known as NDE’s ( Near Death Experiences )I’d provide the link but by the time it gets passed the censors it might be next week by the time you get it.

    These people recounted from journeys in the after-life realms that women actually have unabated power here on earth through rebirth.

    Apparently, souls in the spirit realms only get their chance to move up the spiritual cosmic ladder from their sojourns here on earth, the nursery, time of testing. But to get to the earth they have to have an entry point. That would be a womb. The power of rebirth.

    If this is boring, then I am sorry, but I firmly believe that the genuine feminist ( there is no worthier cause ) movement has been hijacked by political agendas and while we pander to it’s interpretations we are divided, distracted and conquered. Surely unity is the fulcrum point of the cosmos and division the tool of the Sitra Achra.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. Percy Pigeon

    Fellow readers:

    Twisty Faster of “I Blame the Patriarchy”.

    Ferociously funny and actually knows more than a thing or two about feminism.

    Also writes with originality and genuine flair on the subject, and doesn’t present uneducated lazily reasoned ideas as Important. Controversial. Iconoclastic. Revelations. That Others Dare Not Speak Of.

    Feminism? If you want to get some of the good stuff and can’t get your hands on some Sheila Jeffreys, head on over to the IBTP blog. If you can handle it without exclaiming “Dear God, what about the men?”

  5. Len Baglow

    I always enjoy your writing, but I thought this article was brilliant at so many levels.

  6. Kevin & Julie Harris

    My comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dear Helen

    Both Julie and I agree with you whole heartedly that r-pe is the e-il twin of marraige, but that doesn’t stop Julie.

    Helen, there is no stopping Julie. She has such a voracious s-xual appetite that I actually need your help or somebodies help to get her to understand she needs time in rehab. She’s s-xually obssessed with me, Helen.

    What do I do? I love her very much but she just won’t leave me alone and demands s-x at least 4 times a week. I am just so warn out..aggghhh! I go to work, I come home, I do the chores, I cook…err well, i don’t really cook, but I have a go, I clean and wash and all she wants is s-x. She puts on those skimpy silky s-xy orange knickers,.. yes, orange, Julie can be a bit strange sometimes,and it’s all over. I feel used and abused!!!

    I tell her that’s r-pe and she just carries on about how it’s her conjugal right within the confines and contract of a balanced and successful marraige/relationship/partnership.

    If you know any good s-xual obssession doctors please let me know, otherwise I will have to report Julie to the police.

    Yours Sincerely

    Kevin & Julie Harris

  7. Dez Paul

    It seems our least favourite ever PM also can’t resist the temptation of Cadburys’….And he’s the Minister for Women, a feminist and a Catholic. Go figure.

    Another great read, thanks Razer. Albrechtsen’s just another misogynist in disguise. As if she cares about the plight of poor women suffering human rights abuses, including asylum seekers. As if she cared about the many unwarranted slings and arrows Gillard had to cop just cause’ she’s a woman.

  8. Cassie Bennet

    What David @3 said.

  9. Tyger Tyger

    Women “actually have unabated power here on earth through rebirth”, David @3?
    How does that work? Do they come back as men?

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