Mar 13, 2014

Media briefs: SMH ‘scoop’ … Bolt’s blues … dark Darwin …

Andrew Bolt has been called a racist, and he's terribly, terribly sad about it. Plus other media tidbits of the day ...

Exclusively old news, SMH“Schapelle Corby conspiracy theorist to stand for WikiLeaks Party in WA Senate byelection” thundered a header in The Sydney Morning Herald, atop a Heath Aston story on the candidacy of Gerry Georgatos. What could have possessed the party to select this outlier nutter instead of the candidate in the election proper … erm, Gerry Georgatos, who is simply recontesting. It even got the”‘exclusive” banner — though Fairfax still has a long way to go to catch up to The Australian, which puts the stamp on the TV listings these days (“a number of channels will broadcast up to 24 hours of TV today, The Australian can reveal …”). — Guy Rundle


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6 thoughts on “Media briefs: SMH ‘scoop’ … Bolt’s blues … dark Darwin …

  1. klewso

    So now Blot knows what it feels like to be pilloried in the media?
    Then, again, this is just his opinion?

  2. AR

    re Darwin’s blackout- the horror, will nobody think of the crocs, denied their rightful place on the NTT’s front page?

  3. Ken Lambert

    Bolt is taking the piss you dills…..he loves this stuff

  4. klewso

    I have no doubt he is – it’s just the sort of thing he’d get a giggle out of.

  5. JamesH

    Never has the adage about bullies – that those who dish it out can’t take it – seemed so apt.

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