Mar 13, 2014


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19 thoughts on “First Dog on the Moon and the bandicoot

  1. ernmalleyscat

    What a lovely evening at “The Marj”. Glad you got to see some Bandicoots before they’re barred from the north, west and south as well.

    I must admit I would have been bitterly disappointed if the best sighting was just some stupid Masked Lapwings. Is there a more hysterical bird?

    “Oh I think I’ll use this cleared mown grass as my home and I’ll just lay my eggs in a little scrape on the ground in full view. And then I’ll scream constantly, even all through the night, because someone is coming near my stupidly exposed eggs. ERK KEKEKEKEK!!”

  2. Venise Alstergren

    Just love the friend with a beard. Ditto the guide with four eyes. I hope you threatened to count all the bandicoots that are left after Tony Abbott’s instructions to clear-fall the forest.

  3. AR

    Nobody would have complained had you squeezed the bunnies until the cotton tails popped.
    I rilly, rilly expect you to find a Thylacine and bring it home – try getting it drunk, I hear that they are very fond of single malt.

  4. drmick

    Yeah AR that was my question; was this before or after the whisky stop tour? Obviously no ferals at Marjories Memorial Oval.

  5. Plonkoclock

    Fractious and Michael, my sister here in Cairns has bandicoots (and bush hens, scrub turkeys, and a plethora of other bird life ) in her garden. My very urban cat was sitting at the glass door at night when a bandicoot hopped close by. She was up on the kitchen counter in a flash, with a mingled look of horror and astonishment on her face at the biggest rat she had ever seen..

  6. rhwombat

    Plong: the term pussy comes to mind.

  7. PDGFD1

    Awww… pleased to see ya chin(s) is/are up again…
    If you and Kukelka happen to be peddling through Deloraine in the cool of the evening… swig your last dregs and check out Bandi’s mates… never saw ’em dancing… but then there’s always one ‘artsy’ member in a crowd.

  8. Dez Paul

    @emc – you do the Lapwing a grave disservice. I think it’s actually a clever tactic to nest as they do – exposed, near humans – ’cause few predators will have a go in an exposed area controlled by humans. They only need to worry ’bout humans then….. Having said that, they can be annoyingly noisy, especially at night. Cheers.

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