Mar 13, 2014


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19 thoughts on “First Dog on the Moon and the bandicoot

  1. zut alors

    Matt would be familiar with Psephotus gloria if his thesis encompasses east coast mainland parrots.

  2. drovers cat

    Lucky dog – you saw the Tassie trees before they all go after Saturday. Just like the 100km of melaleucas Newman has cut down on the Bruce Highway median strip for “safety” reasons

  3. rhwombat

    Awww. Thanks for sharing FD. As you feel about Perameles gunnii (gunnii!), I feel about this cartoob. This is a van into which I will gladly lurch.

  4. paddy

    Such a lovely “get in the van” FD. (sniffle)
    It’s left a definite hint of moisture in my eye.

  5. klewso

    Did you see any feral Abetz while you were combing through that bush?

  6. Michael Chapman

    We had bandicoots in the back yard in Sydney. I think the owls found them.

  7. Andybob

    Nocturnal, lives for just two to three years and is not gregarious. It all seems so resigned and well-behaved. Imagine how gregarious we’d be if we were nocturnal and lived for just two to three years.

  8. Dez Paul

    How awesome is the Masked Lapwing? And nothing like the Plover.

    Did the bandicoot do any interpretive dance? Not even an interpretation of Toady’s and Will’s (who?) impending arboreal carnage?

  9. Dez Paul

    Oh, and Scientists rock!

  10. fractious

    Nice story First Dog. Close encounters with special things like that always leave a lasting memory.

    See also w w w (dot) iucnredlist (dot) org/details/16572/0

    @ Michael, one winter’s night a few years back I heard a fair bit of clanging and clattering going on outside the back door which I thought I’d better investigate. I opened the door, turned the outside light on and saw four long-nosed bandicoots (the species that turns up in Sydney) surrounding one of our dogs’ steel food bowls that I’d forgotten I’d left out there, two of them *inside* the bowl. When the light came on they stopped what they were doing and all four gave me a sort of old-fashioned look, as if to say “Yes? Was there something?” I sort of shuffled and cleared my throat a bit, like you do when you’ve been put on the spot and don’t quite know how to proceed. After a second or two’s pause, I sort of mumbled and apologised for the interruption, turned the light off and shut the door. I swear they all had a good laugh after I’d gone.

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