Mar 12, 2014

Wilkie: Gillard’s backroom deal — and how she betrayed me

Julia Gillard came to the member for Denison with a curious proposal. Federal MP Andrew Wilkie is now spilling the beans on the secret deal -- and why he ultimately tore up an agreement once she stabbed him in the back.

If I could make just one change to the way Australia does politics, it would be to somehow enforce the right of every parliamentarian, at every level, to vote in accordance with his or her conscience and constituency’s wishes. We could certainly learn from the United States and United Kingdom, where crossing the floor is often unremarkable.

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23 thoughts on “Wilkie: Gillard’s backroom deal — and how she betrayed me

  1. Simon Roberts

    Oh so pure independents. Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

    Interesting that Wilkie considers that horrible old Grouper Harradine as an ‘independent’.

  2. Ozymandias

    I didn’t think Julia had the numbers for Wilkie’s pokie plan. From what I have read both Windsor and Oakeshott were against it. Was she supposed to put it to parliament and see it go down for the sake of “keeping an agreement”? Seems pretty pointless to me.

  3. swimming the hellespont

    Relevance Deprivation Syndrome writ large. Toddle off soldier boy.

  4. Bretto

    Yes Ozymandias – the correct thing to do would have been to put it to parliament and let the people see who would vote against it. She would have also kept her word to Wilkie.

  5. Bretto

    Give me Windsor, Wilkie, and Oakeshott any day over the professional chancers that make up the Liberal and Labour parties. Blokes who actually have the good of the country at heart, rather than seeing politics as a career first and a public service a distant or non existent second.

  6. cairns50

    Julia Gillard has more principle in her little toes than you have Mr Wilkie, you describe yourself as independent , what an independent meglomanic

  7. Wynn

    What a self-righteous, self-serving, self-important story, And as for Crikey’s intro blurb suggesting Wilkes was “stabbed in the back” – don’t really know what to say about that.

  8. drmick

    Is that a straw someone is grasping at? At least in that government, (and with the personal support of less than .003% of the australian population), you had a disproportionate voice; now you a just another number. Good luck getting the “prime minister for the formerly employed”, and his boat people bashers to support you.

  9. tonysee

    It seems to me that a minority government faces almost impossible choices on a daily basis especially with an aggressive opposition.

    In this light, what might reasonably be seen as ‘stabbing in the back’ when the government has a workable majority takes on a different meaning when one vote makes a difference.

    I will be keen to see if Crikey attempts to get an alternative point of view here. Wilkey may be an independent but, like most pollies, is anything but objective when it comes to writing their version of history.

  10. Wynn

    If Crikey editorial staff were interested in something more than generating click-bait these days, this little vanity piece might have been prefaced with some comment about the interesting timing of these “revelations”.

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