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Mar 12, 2014




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21 thoughts on “Why Federal Opposition Leader Bile Spartan is failing the Pub Test

  1. drmick

    Its pretty easy to pick the party faithful in a pub these days Firsty; just say something like; “well i’m of to beat the wife and kids if my meals not ready when i get home, and I might just do it for fun if it is ready”; and watch the admiring glances of your fellow LNP Branch and cabinet members. “Hey Troy; better let the chauffeur drive home tonight ha ha ha ha”.
    None of mama’s little babies loves Shortnin; All his supporters either drink in the “singles” bars in disguise or cant afford to drink because they have recently lost their job.

  2. rhwombat

    I am encouraged by the colour of the Yarra, but am not sure how to react to finding Chris Berg’s disembodied head in it. If panel 6: D is involved I might be quietly proud, however if the said head is still attached to an IPA body, I wish to complain to Paul Barrie about the disgusting deregulated flow of filth into Our National Operational Sewers.

  3. Andybob

    But there’s nothing so gormless, so bland or so lame
    As our loyal opposition, and that bloke with no name.

  4. zut alors

    Anyone who writes a letter to The Australian deserves the consequences.

    The Pub Test will never replace the Taxi Driver Poll.

  5. Nifty

    “You write a letter to the Australian bagging John Howard and they publish it. But they change John Howard to Karl Marx” LoL!!! – D

  6. ernmalleyscat

    It’s funny how all the pundits who swore by every blip in the polls for the last 3 years now have to resort to other measurements because the opposition has been ahead in virtually every poll since December.

    The only pub test that counts is fight in the carpark in 2016.

  7. leon knight

    Love the title of Andrew’s new book, but I have been assured recently (by none other than himself on 1+1) that he is a very nice bloke when you get to know him.
    Nearly convinced me, he spoke so softly and politely….

  8. klewso

    Which pub do you drink at? Do they sell hash pasties?
    Box 1 – “he’s” either pissed already or on drugs?
    Box 2 – make a comment about the leader of Murdoch government?
    Box 3 – is that a schooner?
    Box 4 – no Bull Shitten?
    Box 5 – Whose blood is Blot signing them in?
    Box 6 – So what, they changed Julia Gillard to Typhoid Mary?

  9. paddy

    There’s a lot to be said for glassing.
    Unfortunately, it means my local pub will now only serve me Chardonnay in a tin mug. Rather spoils it’s cheeky aromatic nose. But there’s much less blood on the floor.

  10. Nifty

    What is it with glassing anyway? To glass or not to glass, that is the question.

  11. The Pav

    The definition of honest politicians used to be ” one who is when he is bought stays bought”

    Perhaps there are members of the Fourth Estate to which this principal could now be applied

  12. drmick

    Paddy; I bet that tin mug is perfect for the odd game of $hitties though? Dropping a coin from between your butt cheeks into a glass doesn’t make the same sound as dropping them into an old tin mug, nor hold the same romantic nostalgia as the favoured game of the boisterous stockmen of days gone by.

  13. Nifty

    “boisterous stockmen of days gone by” hahaha. It could worser, it could be German beer drinking songs.hahaha

  14. fractious

    If Scenarios 1 and 2 both took place in the same hostelry it would serve me right for not finding a better local.

    I’d like to confer, if I may: what’s a Federal Opposition and where would I find one?

  15. fractious

    Andybob – as sung by Slim Hope?

  16. Venise Alstergren

    FRACTIOUS: The answer to your question is. In our bloody dreams.

  17. Carolyn Hirsh

    That is a wonderful cartoon/ appalling cartoon. As a member of the ALP for almost 40 years, I think I’ll just walk into the ocean and keep going until it all stops.

  18. Rob Manning

    I don’t find drmick’s “joke” about beating the wife and kids funny at all. The fact that no one else finds it offensive is an even bigger worry. Leave the humour to first dog drmick, and think before you write.

  19. Dez Paul

    No wonder Bull Shitten (props, @Klewso) is looking lost, aimless and unknown. ‘Taint no one left to knife in the back. Even the impending prospect of a good ol’ union vs tory stoush can’t seem to raise him from his torpor. The ALP daleks need Davros to do some re-programming.

  20. drmick

    What no irony in your diet, or are you just constipated with angst? The only one in step? Ever wonder why?

  21. fractious

    Thanks Venise, I feared so.

    @ Rob Manning, this is one of a few places where almost nothing is sacred, and the humour can be a bit on the dark side, and thank Dog for that.


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