Mar 11, 2014


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28 thoughts on “Princess Cumbungis: Pompous git or prisoner of conscience?

  1. Take A Letter Maria


    That was simply Toraffic!!!. How did you do that? Seriously, did you use some type of software or something?

  2. drmick

    Nice work RHWombat. You are an artist too; and not one of the shyte type.

  3. AR

    DrM – honestly, when I heard the new news about changes to the terminology/verbiage, all I could think of was Winston Smith, slaving away at removing unpersons and false facts.
    BTW, Rompolly the Princess ain’t – JM’s character always refused to do anything other than defense, much to the chagrin of She Who Must Be Obeised to, the inKretulin. More like Sam Ballard, verbose, ineffectually well meaning but a sell-out.

  4. AR

    SubTerraneanKoala – I have printed that out & stuck it in my chapter of Exodus, though only the Bowdlerised Douay version.

  5. AR

    Fractious – Cumbungi provides thatching material for a roof that will last many decades, even in Ireland and forever in arid Oz.

  6. Andybob

    Wonderful contribution RHW which sounds great read in the manner of Peter Cook in The Princess Bride.

  7. klewso

    Then Dog looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!

  8. Liamj

    firstdog – that list of Actions Taken is unaustralian in its militancy, and anyway thats what spats are for.

    rhwombat – outstanding, but whats the exegis – the marsupials shoulda known better?

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