Mar 11, 2014


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28 thoughts on “Princess Cumbungis: Pompous git or prisoner of conscience?

  1. drmick

    The three hundred and twenty four spin doctors employed to help the Monster for “empty rhetoric and uninhibited brutality”, have been strangely silent. Up until the leaked email today. Apparently they are personally schooling immigration staff in the dark art of “the truth” and how to answer the phone and any written communication.

    Hullo? Sorry; wrong number.

    Dear concerned,
    don’t be.
    Signed the Monster.
    PS this letter contains some cement;mix it with water and harden the eff up.

  2. klewso

    It’s not all Rumpoll’s fault – he is a lawyer.

  3. JamesH

    FD seems to have more perspective on this than most of the rest of the Crikey stable.

  4. paddy

    In return for this lovely cartoon FD, we dogonaughts, who are totally powerless, salute you.
    (We are also going to send you on a long and perilous journey to Tasmania, as a punishment for mocking Mrs Mrs Slocombe.)

  5. Crispy

    Thank You for adding to the pointlessness in an amusing way, FD. I am dedicating my lunch soup eating to you.

  6. zut alors

    Can’t wait for an aggrieved artist to do an installation titled ‘Biennale With Something Stuck Up Their Jumper’.

  7. klewso

    Have they tried getting sponsorship from some of Rumpoll’s mates, like The Rain Corporation – that might prove Hand(bur)y? But they’d better start Russian?

  8. ianjohnno

    Th’yarts. Yawn.

  9. Andybob

    We are indeed, Being Served. Is the Liberal Party engaging in ‘vicious ingratitude’ by declining tobacco company contributions ? Nope, the correct answer is:

    I take a principled stand
    You make an artistic gesture
    They engage in vicious ingratitude

  10. drmick

    The real problem here is that some “artists”, have recognised some other “artists”, and have called them for what they are. The challenge is to sort the bullshite artists from the plain shite artists. The comments of the Turnbullshite artist might take on a different tone if it was a patron of the yartz, but he is of the new breed who become wealthy by making lots of money not spending it; unless it is somebody elses.

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