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Mar 11, 2014

Crikey says: there’s something about Troy

Investment offshore: the green money going begging. What's going on with the PM's literary awards? Essential: you want Qantas to stay put. How Kyle Sandilands created a new empire. Mystery grows around doomed flight MH370. The GM fight in Western Australia. And accountability at the public broadcasters.

There's something about Troy. Something those of us outside of Western Australian government circles are clearly missing. After every indiscretion, chair-sniffing, bra-snapping, squirrel-gripping, car-crashing Troy Buswell still has supporters willing to speak up for him. Here's fellow Liberal sandgroper and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop today:
"Troy Buswell [has] a brilliant mind, he has a great ability, but like so many other very clever people he obviously has some flaws."
In effectively consigning his political career to the scrapheap yesterday, Premier Colin Barnett called him a "brilliant person" and "outstanding minister" -- "controversial from time to time but no one can doubt his intellect". This isn't platitudes for a colleague or hollow sympathy for a clearly sick friend. People who really know Buswell like him and respect him. Few doubt his ability as a politician, policymaker and economic manager. So the political process chews up and spits out another effective operator. His political career, surely, is now over. Whatever his condition, Buswell only blames himself. His party gave him enough chances. The media reported on what it had to. But you have to wonder if we all conspire to bring down political players worth supporting.

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11 thoughts on “Crikey says: there’s something about Troy

  1. klewso

    How much dispensation can you give one person and not another?
    Doesn’t such high office require certain basic standards of behaviour?

  2. JamesH

    How much “support” does a drunk, groping fat white guy who can’t balance a budget in the middle of a mining boom deserve?

  3. drovers cat

    ” … but like so many other very clever people he obviously has some flaws.”

    The ultimate in cover-your arse futures in WA

  4. mikeb

    What do you mean “conspire”? Did someone spike his drinks and force the car keys into his hands. There’s be a different story if he was DUI and killed someone.

  5. The Pav

    If a noted wit says “Pass the salt” everybody falls about laughing is something I read years ago to show how once the group opinion is made facts to the contrary just don’t matter. I mean there are still people around who fervently believe the Howard Govt was a fiscally prudent

    Having observed Buswell at closer quarters than I would have wished I believe that he is the beneficiary of this.

    WA has had record revenues and reasonably constrained growth in PS wage rates ( below CPI) yet there is now a huge defict,blow out in debt and resultant down grade in credit rating.

    Barnett says it is Capex. On what? the Fiona Stanley Hospital was funded before the change of Govt?. They haven’t built any rail and there is still a shortage of cars for the existing line. Buswell was the Treasure for much of this and doesn’t deserve the high ratings he has been given. The facts argue otherwise.

  6. The Pav

    Don’t forget he was Minister for Transport & road safety was in his purview.

    I would accept the argument that he cracked under the pressure of an excessive workload as the WA Libs are so talent deficient Barnett has few cabinet options

  7. klewso

    He abused his position, treating the office like a personal joke.
    Such people – in such privileged positions of influence – are why voters have such low opinions of politicians, and governance, especially when their own party won’t control them, preferring to treat them as “special”, to give them extra latitude because they’re such “good operators”?
    Howard was a great operator – and a greater prevaricator. Look at the standards he set – an egg could jump that bar – and now Abbott’s lowered that?

  8. Bill Hilliger

    …But you have to wonder if we all conspire to bring down political players worth supporting. You betcha! The MSM 24 hr media cycle, that nasty old American media owner chappie and the shock jocks cannot operate outside that dictum of we all conspire to bring down political players worth supporting e.g. the likes of KRudd and JGillard. After-all it sells media products albeit at ever diminishing numbers and volumes.

  9. AR

    Why do you call such a character “worth supporting”?
    So & so was a wonderful back room organiser, kind to animals and a karaoke grandmaster so we can excuse an unfortunate predeliction to pull wings off butterflies..
    No! Someone who claims the right to rule me should be better than me or take a leap. But as always the ones I really fear aren’t the frontmen but those in the shadows, who rise without trace with the evil of banality.
    Dictators aren’t 10mts tall using telephone poles as clubs – their dirty work is always by the envious, repellent social inadequates seething that their speshalness is spurned.

  10. Michelle Imison

    Crikey – it was International Women’s Day only three days ago, but it’s not yet too soon to shed crocodile tears over a guy who, among other faults, seems to have some pretty wonky and retrograde attitudes (and practices) towards women? Give me a break!

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