Mar 6, 2014

Razer’s Class Warfare: death the inevitable result of our asylum seeker policy

There are plenty of horrifying accounts of individual acts of violence on Manus Island. But we need to step back from them and see what is really at fault here: policy, not people.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

"I believe what happened was completely predictable, that it was allowed to happen."

This was the compelling account of violence made last week by former Manus Island migration agent Liz Thompson on SBS’s Dateline. The interview chiefly drew headlines recounting Thompson’s revelation that she had been required to lie to detainees about their settlement future.

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5 thoughts on “Razer’s Class Warfare: death the inevitable result of our asylum seeker policy

  1. rhwombat

    Well said. The banality of evil persists.

  2. tonyfunnywalker

    It was inevitable – it is suggested that it was premeditated as an experiment to speed up repatriation requests by use of a violent deterrent that got out of hand. Morrison has already admitted that the fracas had had the desired effect of a repatriation increase. The fact that it happened inside the compound – where firearms were used – and what looked like a well organised triage at midnight / one am is ample evidence that trouble was expected. It is also evident that there is a cover- up as Campbell after his visit would have know the extent of the effect of the fracas which neither he or Morrison disclosed – but the effusive denials by Abbott in the way of praise of the staff is like Johnson’s effusive defense of the Navy that lost its bearings. The reports of intimidation of possible whistle-blowers (both staff and refugees) is equally worrying as is the rumored destruction of forensic evidence at the crime scene.

  3. hippiesparx

    Godwin’s Law is a viral meme released by the fascist right to quell dissent through ridicule.
    Of course the process is the perpetrator. We have a fascist government ( by definition, by the government for the corporations) running concentration camps in colonial territories. If you can’t compare that with Nazi methods, well, fme.
    OTOH, the process can’t perpetrate without people.
    The Nuremberg trials established that people who carry out their orders, no matter the duress, are still guilty of crimes against humanity.
    There is no prospect of a Nuremberg equivalent so the only hope is the brownshirts listen to their conscience and dip out.
    This of course is futile because each penitent has 5 new recruits lined up as replacements.
    The biggest problem with these camps is they are training grounds for the cockheads that’ll run the camps to corral crikey commentators.
    You all know that meme, ‘first they came for the pandas…’

  4. Joel

    In fact, Mike Godwin (coiner of Godwin’s law) has explicitly ok’d comparisons to Australia’s detention policy:

    1. Polly Valentine

      My flu is gone, so I’m reading slowly now, fitting it into my ordinary life.
      Thanks for being my comfort while I was ill, Ms Razer. Nice to see you reaching a wider audience now (March 2014) and getting more appreciation. As always, thank you for your work.

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