Mar 4, 2014

Tony Abbott’s challenge: sell a courageous call on Qantas

Tony Abbott has made the right call on Qantas. But it's a tough sell in the face of Labor opposition -- and convincing voters will be important to his government's prospects.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The Prime Minister’s gutsy call on Qantas and Labor’s cynical response means both continued difficulties for the airline and a real test for the Abbott government’s ability to sell a more hard-edged economic policy to resentful voters.

Voters don’t like the idea of foreign ownership of Qantas. Allowing greater foreign ownership was the least popular option to help Qantas, Essential Report found last week — 31% of voters back it, but 52% oppose it. Even 48% of Liberal voters don’t like it. But the government, led surprisingly by Tony Abbott on the issue rather than Treasurer Joe Hockey, has said the only assistance it will provide the beleaguered airline is to remove foreign ownership restrictions.

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24 thoughts on “Tony Abbott’s challenge: sell a courageous call on Qantas

  1. paddy

    The right call for QANTAS is a new board and a new CEO.
    But neither Abbott or Shorten are game to go there.

  2. terry macmanus

    “But it’s still a correct and courageous call from Abbott and he deserves credit for it…” I find this entire piece offensive. It suggests your way is the only way. If we do not agree with YOU we are playing politics. Even worse populist. Your piece is opinion. Its not fact. Its the sort of ideological dogma I thought I had escaped when I signed up for Crikey. Clearly I was wrong. Emirates, Garuda, Singapore Airlines,Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific all get and will continue to get favourable treatment from their government. Please explain without insulting our intelligence why we should be different.

  3. ralph

    Yea, well, Julia Gillard managed to negotiate some difficult reforms through a lower house where she did not have the numbers as well as the Senate – think about MDB. Time for Abbott to show his skills.

  4. zut alors

    If a federal election was due mid-year there’s no way Abbott would be running away from a Qantas guarantee.

    If Qantas goes under let’s picture the ALP ads at the 2016 federal election: Abbott will be depicted as the PM who sacrificed Australia’s national airline. An airline with an unequalled safety record internationally.

    But come to think of it, his mentor, J W Howard, did nothing to save Ansett.

  5. MJPC

    I am with Paddy; our esteemed PM can huff and puff all he likes about changing the ground rules for QANTAS employment but is not critical of Joyce and his incompetance on the board.
    That’s Abbott’s challenge, not being seen as shafting the workers whilst looking after the management at the cost of an icon.
    This is just another worker bashing exercise for the LNP.

  6. CML

    Cr+p decision from a cr+p government!
    Qantas can’t have it both ways; be foreign owned and ‘still call Australia home’!!

    I’m also with Paddy – get rid of Joyce and the Board at Qantas, and start again.

  7. cairns50

    abbotts gutsy call give us a break bernard im with paddy why want abbott show some guts and call for joyce and clifford to be sacked? ill tell you why because they are both members of abbotts right wing redneck industrial relations club, clifford is the ex ceo of rio tinto enough said

  8. Venise Alstergren

    The thing that puzzles me is Alan Joyce’s belief-and Tony Abbott’s belief that anyone would want to buy into QANTAS. Unless, of course, it would be to purchase all the planes?

    The moment Alan Joyce leaves the job of CEO of QANTAS, Australians will all Rejoyce at his departure.

  9. Kevin Herbert

    MJPC/CML/Cairns50: so we haven’t recovered from the monumental failure of Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Governments, have we?

    How & why should a PM call for the sacking of a the MD & Board of a public company???.

  10. zut alors

    Kevin Herbert, Abbott could make the guarantee conditional on Joyce’s & the Q Board’s replacement – the guarantee would warrant him making such demands.

    And it would also prevent other airlines such as Virgin Australia requesting similar guarantee treatment as their hierarchies would be highly unlikely to volunteer their own redundancy.

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