Mar 4, 2014

Hunt’s Grunts and the deliberate erosion of workplace standards

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist


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15 thoughts on “Hunt’s Grunts and the deliberate erosion of workplace standards

  1. rhwombat

    Woke up this morning from the strangest dream
    I was in the biggest army the world has ever seen
    We were marching as one
    On the road to the Toady’s pail.

    Well have you heard about the green crusade
    We eared someone millions, but nobody got paid
    Yeah we razed four corners of the globe
    For the Toady’s pail

    All the locals scattered, they were hiding in the snow
    We were so far from home, so how were we to know
    There’d be nothing left to plunder
    When we stumble on the Toady’s pail

    We were full of beans
    But we were dying like flies
    And those big black birds, they were circling in the sky
    And you know what they say, illegals deserve to die

    You know I, I been searching for an easy way
    To escape this cold light of day
    I been high and I been low
    But I got nowhere else to go

    There’s nowhere else to go


    I followed orders
    God knows where I’ve been
    But I woke up alone
    All my wounds were green
    I’m still here
    I’m still a fool for the Toady’s pail

  2. zut alors

    Young Bryony & Co are being softened up for the eventual reality of a $2 per day wage once Toady has put his plan (?) in action to create a million jobs.

  3. Dez Paul

    The Green Army – another one of Hunt’s stunts.

  4. Andybob

    Green Army’s the life for me
    Section Fifty-One Twenty-three
    Says conscription can’t be civil
    Hunt’s Grunts know that’s lots of drivel

  5. Andybob

    Great stuff rhw.

  6. klewso

    Maybe this Green Army can do something about this plague of Cane Toad’s?

  7. paddy

    Bloody hell! I think Klewso’s on to something there.
    Killing cane toads for Christ sounds like a real winner!

    BTW FD. That panel 5 is a peach. A few more like that, and Greg Hunt will be commissioning you as the official war artist.

  8. klewso

    He’s such a smart Alec, Hunt.

  9. drovers cat

    Whose Grunts?

  10. klewso

    …. Bryony, she’s not a little hard of hearing is she…?

    Could be worse – she could have been conscripted voluntarily into Scrott’s Brownnose Army?

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