Ageing Abbott appointees

Crikey readers talk old men and the joys of lambrusco.


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4 thoughts on “Ageing Abbott appointees

  1. Kevin Herbert

    Valerie: speak for yourself old dear. You make no valid points whatsoever, save for those in relation to yourself.

    What a cheek assuming that all people over say 60 or even 70 are suffering the same demise as yours.

    Based on this witless polemic, maybe you were never up to it.

  2. Liamj

    Applause for Valerie for having the insight and courage to know & describe her own limitations – a rare gift at any age.

    And thanks Kevin Herbert for demonstrating the bilious reactionary tendency so common in our gerontocracy.

  3. Dogs breakfast

    I came her to praise young Valerie, not to bury her…………

    Congrats, Valerie, you will be much more useful to society than the Kevin HErbert’s of this world.

    Mr Herbert, yes the seniors have much to offer, but this country has a problem in terms of handing over the reigns. I’m 52, as sharp as anyone you have met, and I honestly feel I am ill-equipped for planning for the future.

    If I were a CEO of a large company now, I would be looking for some 40 somethings who can listen to people who are older than them, and know when to ignore them, and 30 somethings to run my middle management echelons, with the proviso that they could listen to senior people, (and have them work for them) and also a few 20 somethings that I gave way too much power to.

    That is the structure of a company that I think would have a future to look forward to.

  4. Sailor

    After a long life of wrestling with problems & with the dunce/evil personalities I sometimes had to work with, I found that when I stood on my principles & thus left a large company making full speed ahead to disaster that despite my previous obsession with getting things correct & best there was another path.

    I was 62, & had been surrounded by people younger or older who were “in charge” & had a slavering approach to making money that repelled me. I was happy to go, & work where I could find appropriate jobs.

    I reckon @Dogs breakfast has it exacty right:

    I found I was quite happy to settle back & use what funds I’d accumulated over the years, & help wherever I could.

    Now, speaking of you, I feel there’s so much more to celebrate in your working past than anyone around you can claim, that you can settle back & just be extremely talented, wise, & capable rather that all-powerful.

    That approach must have worked for Superman when his speed dropped below FasterThanLight to just hypersonic, so why not for you?

    Just a final thought: I agree that perks for drones (the Abbott way it seems) is stupid, but they were drones under Howard. No doubt for Labor I’d say, but the voters have fixed that.
    So do we still have, e.g., Kevin Humprhies/Bronwyn Bishop/George Brandis/…….it’s a long list…….given any power at all???

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