Mar 3, 2014


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23 thoughts on “We are really, really sorry that we’re still not sorry.

  1. zut alors

    Thanks, Mr Onthemoon, a tasty treat for us to devour today. But it will go over the head of the demented plutocrat and his indentured scribe slaves.

    As for second rate cartoonists, isn’t J Kudelka a freelancer at The Oz? Slips.

  2. rhwombat

    My undies just went Ping!
    Cunning use of the term ‘PICTURE UNRELATED’ to avoid being Corbyed by Gwendoline’s little helpers, however, most of us instantly recognise the Shrivelled Purple Rupert as the unfortunate result of Wendi’s Aubergine period.

  3. klewso

    Gosh they’re a sorry lot in Oz, all this apologising – how unAustralian.
    What about those sorry looking black sheep PCPs?
    Sorry for mistaking Janet for Uranus?

  4. rhwombat

    I used to get upset about the Rupert. Now I just laugh nervously and wait to be sneered at by Gwendolyne’s condylomata lata and Nick Cater, their attack jellyfish. These are the people who gave us Toadys (Rabbott & Blair), Dick Cheyney’s glove puppet, and the Coalition of the Incontinent. In 4 years time, Rupert’s rabid little minions will be jockying for spots in the queue at Centrelink, and changing their names to avoid the righteous wrath of PM Plibersek and Deputy PM Wong.

  5. klewso

    “The Austrologist Daily”

  6. drovers cat

    I’m sorry for all the good journos who work at the Oz (there are some), who must only stay there because of a job shortage in the industry. It must be really embarrassing to have to churn out such adulterated crap every day.

  7. drmick

    Onya Firsty.
    You could have gone on for pages; e.g. abandoning any pretence of providing balanced information on any subject our owner does not want us to. Or failing to declare that they will say, write and do anything for money anywhere and anytime. Their unfailing support for one political party over another, their abject failure to denounce the hacking activities of their owners papers because of the possibility that they may be doing the same here until they get caught.
    They never said sorry for paying police for stories in victoria and nsw despite being found guilty, or their involvement in the slipper affair for which they wont be found guilty until there is a change of government again.
    WE should send your mate mitchell a list.

  8. Andybob

    Paper came this morning
    Brought a message by
    Rupert said say sorry
    Think I know just why

    Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry
    That I didn’t think like him

  9. ernmalleyscat

    Years ago I used to get that paper delivered to my door each day.
    Every time I fell for the repeated practical joke.
    There it was, the paper burning on my doorstep and I’d stamp it out with my slippered foot.
    And, ewww, it’s full of dog poo.
    Then I’d run down the street chasing and shaking my fist at those pesky kids Weisser and Cater and Mitchell.
    Finally I rang up the subscriptions number and said I’d like to cancel.
    They asked why and I said it was a flaming bag of dog poo.

  10. klewso

    What a waste. You grow up dreaming about it. Go to “special school” to get a degree in it and then all you’ve got look “foreword” to is a job in one of Rupert’s troll mines?

    “… And I’d sell my sole,
    For total Con-troll
    Over you.”

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