Gome joins Cornell at ANZ. ANZ’s new content marketing push has netted its second high-profile devotee, with Amanda Gome, former BRW publisher and Private Media (publisher of Crikey) CEO, to join the bank on March 11. Gome will join former Fin senior journalist Andrew Cornell in helping launch what ANZ calls its “corporate newsroom”.

“I always look two years ahead,” Gome, whose title is group head of strategic content and digital media, told Crikey this morning. “This is where media is going. The whole move into companies producing their own news is well advanced in America, and it’s coming here.” Gome says ANZ has its own internal research, insights and specialists, and the bank will be drawing on those to produce its own news. “And it’s not just external — we’re setting up interesting news-type things for internal communications as well. It’s part of a move away from a soft, public relations focus to providing news and insights for our stakeholders.”

Gome, who’ll be involved in both internal and external communications, says we can expect ANZ to launch some sort of publication pretty soon. “Don’t forget, Andrew Cornell’s been there since before Christmas.” — Myriam Robin

One Saturday, four new papers. This Saturday brings the launch of Morry Schwartz’s highly anticipated Saturday Paper. But it won’t be the only new thing at the newsagent. Both of Fairfax’s formerly broadsheet weekend editions will also shrink to tabloid (“compact”) for the first time. Not to be outdone, The Daily Telegraph is also relaunching its Saturday edition, now to be called The Saturday Daily Telegraph. We’ll be keeping a close eye on all four launches and reporting back on Monday with what’s new, what isn’t, what worked and what failed. We’d love to know what you think, too …

Huffington Post inches closer to Oz. When AOL bought The Huffington Post, it had bold plans for the outlet, planning to expand it the world over, including Australia, where the publication was expected to launch in 2013. However, that date, already a postponement of plans to launch in 2011, didn’t eventuate. But HuffPo hasn’t been idle. Today, another expansion was announced: HuffPost Korea, in partnership with Korean newspaper company Hankyoreh Media Group. That brings HuffPo closer to Australia. In 2013, it expanded to Japan, Germany and Northern Africa. Expect further developments on this front soon. — Myriam Robin

Harry and Lloyd: dumb and dumber? We can’t resist a good Photoshop job — or a bad one. The Daily Telegraph’s digital wizards have imagined Labor frontbenchers Bill Shorten and Stephen Conroy as Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels from the 1994 comedy Dumb and Dumber. Poor Conroy’s teeth might be beyond the pale, though …

Bill Shorten Stephen Conroy photoshop

Qantas: crying v melting. Both of Sydney’s daily papers went with some kind of red kangaroo graphic on the front cover today, but the Tele probably wins. It shows a slouching roo, crying red tears as Qantas announces it’ll sack 5000 workers (pictured below left). The Sydney Morning Herald has also worked some digital magic (pictured below right) on the flying kangaroo — we think it’s melting? Or sweating, perhaps …?