Feb 28, 2014

Life is brutal and dark. Stop expecting anything other than death.

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist


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24 thoughts on “Life is brutal and dark. Stop expecting anything other than death.

  1. Andybob

    Clankings from kitchens and purrs from the moggy
    Luxury paper, this tea and the Doggies
    Watching the slow death of News’s right wing
    These are a few of my favourite things

    When the camps riot
    Due to insight
    That they’ll die in jail
    I simply remember I’m here and not there
    And then I don’t hear them wail.

  2. ernmalleyscat

    Little squirts of serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin.
    And little animal pictures that make you think that come in the email each day.

  3. drmick

    Cheer up Firsty.
    Just be glad you are not Alan Joyce or the G&L mardi gras Floatmakers Do they make a flying fairy kangaroo float? How are they going to fly now? Do they make a Cardinal Pull float with a bon voyage message attached? Gloria has been doing his bit to earn a float; and no one knows whether fred nile is still alive let alone still in parliament and would anybody miss his float?
    Wouldn’t it be nice if a benefactor, (such as the union movement), gave $50 to every one of the 80,000 people who have lost their job since september, and asked them to have a sign out the front of where they used to live, when they had a job, thanking everyone who voted for tony or green? They should have a float.

  4. paddy

    Damn you FD.
    Preemptive ‘preenactment’ = coffee spurting out nose.
    Then no “e” in whisky made me drop the mug!

  5. paddy

    Top work Andybob.
    I’ve now got an earworm to go with the soggy keyboard.

  6. Electric Lardyland

    “It’s almost footy season”? Well, I don’t know, I tend to count NAB Cup as footy season.

  7. zut alors

    Not every noise from the cat is happy making – ‘yoop yoop yoop’ heralds An Incident.

    I trust Firsty won’t be required to correct Mr Kudelka’s spelling throughout the length & breadth of Tasmania.

  8. Crispy

    Just excellent. Thanks Firsty. Chins up for the weekend everyone.

    I am making a kanga chilli (clank hisss) you are all welcome to some.

  9. Crispy

    And that is adorable, Andybob. All Dog’s cartoons should be put to music from now on. I’ll do a roster.

  10. drovers cat

    All whisky from Scotland is whisky. All whiskey from everywhere else is whiskey.
    All whiskers at my place belong to my cat Oliver. He’s lovely and talks a lot

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