Feb 28, 2014

Coalition takes a brave stand on Labor’s territory of jobs

The Coalition is doing the right thing on industry handouts, but it is playing to Labor's strength with voters. The opposition is ahead in the polls because voters are worried about jobs.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Labor made an interesting tactical decision on Monday that perhaps does more to explain its current surprisingly strong opinion polling than anything else.


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40 thoughts on “Coalition takes a brave stand on Labor’s territory of jobs

  1. Jimmy

    The Libs are hadning the ALP a gift in job losses but they are also handing them other gifts – in fact in 6 months this govt has done almost everything possible to reinforce every negative thought the voter would have of them, they don’t care about job losses, they want to cut penalty rates and blame workers for businesses being uncompetitive, they want to slash medicare and are out of touch with the average voter.

  2. MJPC

    The LNP can’t help it, Howard did it in his time (and lost the election and his seat) and Abbott is on the nose after 6 months. Their solution to all ills is to screw the worker but they aren’t reading the tea leaves in Bronwyn Bishops teacup.
    The proletariat don’t trust any politicians and when they don’t have a game plan (ecept benefit the rich, or their mates: sometime one and the same) they doubly don’t trust them. Look to NSW, the LNP was all self righteous over the Obeid sage now the LNP has a nest of rats in their ranks smelling of the same deals. It’s not Federal, but they all get banded together.
    All that has to happen now is a recession (likely) or interest rates rise; ?; (or both) and Abbots goose is cooked!

  3. Jimmy

    MJPC – An interest rate rise is very unlikely short to medium term but a recession is very likely (which I have been prediciting would occur under Abbott for some time) – business investment is already down since he got in (wasn’t the opposite supposed to happen SB)if they cut govt spedning significantly in May a recession won’t be too far away – at the very least unemployment will continue to rise.

    The ridiculous thing is by scrapping the Carbon & mining taxes Abbott is deniyng himself of revenue to use to encourage business investment.

  4. klewso

    Abbott will have to take us to war soon, to win the next election?

  5. Jimmy

    Klewos – MAybe that explains his attitude towards indonesia – he did promise a more Jakarta focused govt.

  6. klewso

    …. but if QANTAS was made out of chocolate, and had a ministerial staffer in it’s hangar ….?

  7. klewso

    Labor has every right to pursue this sort of m.o. Abbott was allowed to get away with it.

  8. Jimmy

    The big difference was that Abbott had his media cheersquad.
    Is it just me or do opinion polls appear far less on the nightly news than they did under the ALP?

  9. Scott

    “The ridiculous thing is by scrapping the Carbon & mining taxes Abbott is deniyng himself of revenue to use to encourage business investment”

    Investment decisions are not made through Government handouts. Investment decisions in the private sector are made by comparing the return on the investment/project with the cost of capital of the business/division. These things are determined in part by the tax rates (which affect cash flows for the returns) and interest rates (which determine the cost of debt and also equity, indirectly).
    Getting rid of the mining and carbon taxes and the Reserve dropping interest rates will have a more positive affect on investment than anything else the Government could do.

  10. Jimmyhaz

    An interest rate rise is highly unlikely. A recession, however, is inevitable.

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