Feb 27, 2014


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24 thoughts on “Stick it to the Better Man

  1. rhwombat

    The Member for Gina: “Point of Order, Madam Parrot! The Honourable Dismember for Rupert’s Buttocks and Wendy Wrangling is talking through his wig in an unduly masculine manner!”.
    Cries of “Shame!”, “Rhubarb!”, “Yap!yap!yap!yap!” and “Julie, give Christopher his lipstick back right now!” echo through the chamber.
    Madame Parrot: “The Honourable Member for Lower Scrotum will withdraw from the ute immediately – and put that goat down! Have some respect for this place!”
    Senator Conroy: “Wrong chamber, Brunhilda! You have Morrison all over your stuffed toy General”.

    Also: Necrotising fasciitis – No General, that’s usually poymicrobial not viral.

  2. zut alors

    How about a competition to establish which one is brave enough to speak his mind?

  3. Andybob

    As my soul heals the shame
    I will grow through this pain
    Lord I’m doing all I can
    To be a better man

    Go easy on my conscience
    ‘Cause it’s not my fault
    I know I’ve been taught
    To take the blame

  4. drmick

    Firsty: you are truly in trouble now. You will never be able to un-see what you have seen. Its like a piece of paper that has been scrunched up. No matter what you do to unscrunch it, it will never be the same.

    The sight of the 21st Century Fux sponsored “Partisan Players”, acting out their fantasies at the speakers box in parliament yesterday was like a 2 litre hot almond oil visual enema from which those who viewed the spectacle may never recover.

    I had to watch a whole season of humphrey bear to get my IQ back into double figures. But reading the Australian………You may have to watch the entire series

  5. leon knight

    Jewelry Bishop’s role in this Conroy V Campbell Senate folly is particularly revolting, although mercifully she has avoided pointing her butt at the camera in the house. Full points to Conroy, but it just provides more cannon fodder for Abbott’s Stasi team.
    I eagerly await FD’s take on the emerging horror of Bronny Bigjob’s performance as speaker….

  6. leon knight

    PS Malcolm’s performance in the house yesterday definitely boosts his chances of winning this year’s “Upper-class Twit of the Year” contest.

  7. regina

    you’re a deadset legend dog. this is brilliant. thank you!

  8. klewso

    Well Jared m’ crack in.

    [I liked the Yardbirds version.]

  9. PDGFD1

    Take a bow (wow) zut!

    Free Gwendolyn!

  10. klewso

    Good ol’ Angus “Human Shield Man” Campbell – fighting for what’s Right.

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