"[Julian] tended to eat pretty much with his hands. People in magazine articles say he doesn’t eat, but he had three helpings of lasagne that night and he ate both the baked potato and the jam pudding with his hands ..."

Oh good god, here we go again. It's another elephantine article/expose/hatchet job on Julian Assange, in which the grey blur's habits, table talk and sock preferences are examined in minute detail for several thousand words, at the end of which he is accused of being self-obsessed. This time around, elephantine doesn't really sum it up. It is a balene, blue whale-sized piece, 27,000 words from the London Review of Books, written by Andrew O'Hagan, the ghostwriter of Assange's "unauthorised" autobiography, the half-completed memoir that Canongate put out in 2011, when it was clear that a full and finished manuscript would not be forthcoming.