Why are private companies running detention centres?

Richard Middleton writes: Re. “Meet the companies that run our immigration detention camps ” (yesterday). If massive private firms can make profits for fat bastard bosses and ignorant and/or uncaring shareholders running a “service” harassing and hurting the weak and vulnerable, funded by taxpaying proles around the world, why can’t the government do it better and cheaper?

Why do we continue to put up with this arrant arrogant nonsense, why do we allow the greedy bastards to get so much from us for nothing? Can’t we show how to be aggressive to needy people without having to bloody well outsource it? I weep hot, salty tears for what this country has become in the 25 years I have been here.

Go after corporations, not retirees

Gavin Greenoak writes: Re. “We’re old enough (but wise enough?) to make tough decisions on pension” (Monday). To extend some pith from Bernard Shaw, who said “a government who robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul”, it cannot be too frequently restated that people pay taxes for three major services: health, education and old age. Principles that older people might applaud in any reform of pensions, as they constitute “wisdom” must include that we reap what we sow, and that our rights are proportionate to our responsibilities.

While none too sure what “rich” means, many people work extremely hard and make real sacrifices to ensure a comfortable old age, and as many others don’t. If those who don’t are to be given the status of “those in genuine need”, then to meet this need with the savings of those who have may lighten a financial burden entirely due to myopic and pusillanimous policies, but not mitigate a radical injustice. Rather than invoking a dubious wisdom to punish the weakest social demographic, least able to stand up for themselves, why not invoke the courage needed to reclaim the trillions of corporate tax evasion from the strongest?

Status quo in the extreme

Roy Ramage writes: Re. “Scott Morrison’s so-called compassion” (yesterday). Bravo Peter Matters. I had been searching for the right words to describe the Abbott government. Your erudite description is spot on. They are status quo in the extreme.