Caro’s Flotsam and Jetsam: on asylum seekers and intolerable cruelty

Our appalling treatment of asylum seekers is not only bad for them -- but it is bad for us. When asylum seekers die in detention centres, we need to take a hard look at what kind of democracy we want to be.

Jane Caro

Novelist, author and social commentator

This week it has been all about Manus Island and so will most of this column. And for me, no one summed up the horrible dilemma we have put ourselves in as a country better than Waleed Aly, in a this wonderful, logical and ruthlessly plain-speaking article in The Sydney Morning Herald. He argues that brutality is the point of our offshore processing policy and that we have had to become very brutal indeed to create any kind of workable deterrent.

That’s why I, for one, cannot celebrate the fact that the boats have stopped coming. We have had to become almost as cruel as the tyrants the asylum seekers are fleeing to achieve such a result. Call me a bleeding heart or a do-gooder if you like, but I can take no triumph from that.

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17 thoughts on “Caro’s Flotsam and Jetsam: on asylum seekers and intolerable cruelty

  1. klewso

    Unfortunately Labor was too weak to resist the pressure they came under, in their quest for what they saw as electoral favour. Lose, lose.

  2. MarilynJS

    Klewso, the ALP believe in and actually applaud what Morrison is doing which IS WHY THEY LEGISLATED IT ALL.

  3. Observation

    As the government keep saying “We have a mandate from the Australian people from the last election to conduct these operations”. So we are to blame and I feel the only way that we will regain enough morality to reverse this trend is for the government to go too far so as to disgust the general population so much that it shocks us into reality. This however will take time and regrettably will result in much more misery.

  4. klewso

    You know what a mandates for?

  5. MarilynJS

    No government has the mandate to break the law.

  6. Saugoof

    @Observation – I used to think that too but every time when you’d expect that surely this has gone too far and people will come to realise that we are the bad guys here, it has only ended up being another milestone on the way down. This really seems to be a bottomless pit and the further down we go, the more willing we are to keep going.

    There is a good column in today’s Guardian about the current lack of empathy and how many people are even proud of being “hard”. I moved to Australia some 25 years ago after travelling the world for a fair bit. For the first decade or so of this I always marvelled at how much better Australia handles that whole integration of other cultures thing and how it was generally far less racist than just about anywhere else in the world. Then came Pauline Hanson and soon after Howard gave up any pretence and went headlong for the bigoted vote. 15 years later and we’re worse than most of the world now and I can’t see an end in sight.

    Most of the western world has gotten worse as well, but nowhere, except maybe Greece, has it gone as quickly and as bad as in Australia. Really makes me weep for what has become my country.

  7. Alan Power

    The subject of Abbott/Morrison and the govt’s treatment of persecuted freedom seekers was brought up in a tour I did last week of the Sachenhausen Concentration Camp outside Berlin. There was no comparing with the Nazi regime directly of course but remarks were made in the context of not allowing persecuted people to be imprisoned in camps like Manus Island. Australians should not allow these things to happen. Also that Australians should not believe the Govt propaganda which it uses to try and justify its actions. The tour group were all young people as well. The actions of Abbott/Morrison (mentioned by name) have spread far and wide.

  8. Johny Swank

    No asylum seekers have a mandate to break the law either:

    Convention and protocol relating to the status of refugees
    Page 18/56
    Article 2
    General obligations
    Every refugee has duties to the country in which he finds himself, which require in particular that he conform to its laws and regulations as well as to measures taken for the maintenance of public order.

  9. Danno of Arabia

    I am in the Middle East and I heard about the Manus island riots as I sat down to eat my breakfast.

    A sign of the cynical nature of our times, that our family could see that this newsflash broadcast around the world would actually play out nicely for the LNP.

    “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”

  10. Patriot

    We are sick of these illegal intruders. We voted for a coalition who promised to stop them by using measures that were clearly advertised before and during the election. Have you no respect for our democracy?

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